Introducing Elite2 Deck Guards

To keep gaming cards in good condition, BCW’s standard Deck Guards are a great value. In 2017, we introduced Elite Deck Guards for players that demanded thicker sleeves for better durability and better protection for their cards. While BCW is proud of the quality of Elite Deck Guards, we received feedback from Team BCW and the gaming community, suggesting refinements. This evolution has led to our next generation of premium card sleeves – Elite2 Deck Guards.

As with the previous Elite Deck Guards, the Elite2 versions have a nice textured back that’s great for shuffling. Strong seams will keep the layers welded together through numerous games. Team BCW members have not reported issues with sleeve splitting after using Elite2 Deck Guards through several SCG Opens.

Elite2 Deck Guards are available in matte or gloss finish. This characteristic refers to the clear layer, not the colored layer. While the gloss sleeves present the card artwork and foil reflections best, you may prefer the matte finish sleeves to reduce glare.

We made the following refinements to Elite2 Deck Guards, based on feedback from the previous Elite Deck Guards:

To ensure all Elite 2 Deck Guards are 100% opaque on the colored back layer, we added a blackout layer. This will make all colors of Elite2 Deck Guards tournament legal for games that demand you cannot view anything through the sleeves, such as Magic: The Gathering. This added blackout layer makes the Elite2 Deck Guards slightly firmer than the original Elites.

We added two millimeters to the height of Elite2 Deck Guards, as compared to the original Elites. This is to accommodate some brands of inner sleeves. While BCW Inner Sleeves fit perfectly inside standard Deck Guards and the original Elite Deck Guards, some inner sleeves from other brands are slightly taller. Adding the extra height to our Elite2 Deck Guards will allow all brands of inner sleeves to fit inside the sleeves appropriately.

We have increased the number of sleeves per package and now offer the Elite2 Deck Guards in packs of 100. The original Elite Deck Guards were only offered in packs of 80. The increased quantity is better for Commander players, or simply provides some extra sleeves.

Elite 2 Deck Guards are available in Black, Blue, Red, Green, Teal, Cool Gray, and Mulberry, with more colors coming soon.

Elite 2 Deck Guards are a great value for premium card sleeves. Why pay more for great sleeves? Try our Elite2 Deck Guards today and see for yourself what a great value BCW offers.

While quantities last, the original Elite Deck Guards and other discontinued gaming accessories are available at 20% off their normal price.