Enter BCW’s Cards and Magnetics Sweepstakes

Enter Here for a chance to win one of the four cards shown below and a box of BCW Magnetic Card Holders! Enter by 8/10/15.

Card-Mag-Sweeps-Jeter-35ptPrize 1 – One autographed Derek Jeter card (2008 Upper Deck Goudey Graphs) and one box of twenty BCW 35-pt. Magnetic Card Holders.

Card-Mag-Sweeps-TripleAuto-55ptPrize 2 – One card with autographs from Florida Marlins Miguel Cabrera, Jeremy Hermida, and Dan Uggla (2006 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection, Ultimate Ensemble Signatures 3, 29/50) and one box of eighteen BCW 55-pt. Magnetic Card Holders.

Card-Mag-Sweeps-Crosby-75ptPrize 3 – One card autographed by Sidney Crosby (2010-11 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Hockey, Ultimate Auto Jerseys, 8/25) and one box of eighteen BCW 75-pt. Magnetic Card Holders.

Card-Mag-Sweeps-Tiger-180ptPrize 4 – One card autographed by Tiger Woods (2013 Upper Deck Tiger Woods Master Collection, 1997 Motorola Western Open, 1/1) and one box of twelve BCW 180-pt. Magnetic Card Holders.

See the Official Rules for details.

What Thickness of Card Holder Do I Need?

Enter your address below by Sunday, March 31st and BCW will mail you a Card Thickness Gauge. USA mailing addresses only please. For collectors that noticed the message late, or if you’re located outside the USA, please download and print a Card Thickness Gauge (see below).

With the increased popularity of memorabilia sports cards comes increased confusion on what thickness of card holders you need to protect your prized cards. Card thickness (depth) is often measured in points. One point is equivalent to .001 inches or .0254 millimeters.

A simple method to determine the correct thickness of a card is to use a Card Thickness Point Gauge. These gauges are located on BCW toploader and magnetic card holder packages. You can also download a printable Card Thickness Point Gauge (PDF). If you print the gauges, make sure to print the sheet at 100% scale (no print scaling like “fit to page”) to get accurate sizing.

To get the thickness of your card, hold the edge of the card next to the corresponding marks on the gauge.

There are lots of choices when deciding how to protect your cards. You can use 9-Pocket Pages to place cards in an Album, or you can use individual card holders. We have listed most of the BCW and Pro-Mold Card Holders below. To simplify the decision, first determine what size you need. Most cards are 2½ inches wide x 3½ inches high, but dimensions can vary. Then check the thickness using your Card Thickness Point Gauge. After you have determined the size, select your desired closing method: snap, 1-screw, 4-screw, magnetics, toploaders, or semi-rigids.

W x H
in Inches
Depth in Points Description Brand Closing
2½ x 3½ 20-pts. BCW
Mini Snap
BCW Mini Snap 1-MS
2½ x 3½ 20-pts. Pro-Mold
Mini Snap
Display Box
Pro-Mold Mini Snap PM-PC1D
2½ x 3½ 20-pts. Pro-Mold
Mini Snap
Blank Packaging
Pro-Mold Mini Snap PM-PC1B
2½ x 3½ 20-pts. BCW
Regular Snap
BCW Snap 1-RS
2½ x 3½ 20-pts. Improved
Mini Snap
Pro-Mold Mini Snap PM-PC1II
2 5/9 x 3½ 70-pts. Action Packed
Mini Snap
Pro-Mold Mini Snap PM-PC3
2⅔ x 3 8/9 30-pts. Pre-57 Holder Pro-Mold Mini Snap PM-PC4
2 5/9 x 3½ 120-pts. Real Thick Card Pro-Mold Mini Snap PM-PC20
2 1/16 x 2½ 30-pts. 1948-1950
Pro-Mold 1-Screw PM-PC48
2 3/16 x 3 20-pts. Topps &
Bowman Minis
Pro-Mold 1-Screw PM-PC21
2 1/16 x 3 1/8 20-pts. 1951-1952
Pro-Mold 1-Screw PM-PC51
2 5/8 x 3¾ 30-pts. 1952-1956
Pro-Mold 1-Screw PM-PC52
2 ½ x 3¾ 30-pts. 1953-1955
Pro-Mold 1-Screw PM-PC53
2½ x 3½ 20-pts. Regular
BCW 1-Screw 1-1S
2 9/16 x 3 9/16 50-pts. Thick Card
1-Screw Holder
BCW 1-Screw 1-1S-THICK
2 9/16 x 3 9/16 120-pts. Super Thick Card1-Screw Holder BCW 1-Screw 1-1S-STHICK
2½ x 3½ 20-pts. Regular
Pro-Mold 1-Screw PM-PC5II
2 5/9 x 3½ 20-pts. 1-Screw
with Stand
Pro-Mold 1-Screw PM-PC13
2½ x 3½ 20-pts. 1/2″
Pro-Mold 1-Screw PM-PC14
2½ x 3½ 50-pts. 1/2″ 1-Screw
Thick Card
Pro-Mold 1-Screw PM-PC15
2½ x 3½ 110-pts. 1/2″ 1-Screw
Real Thick Card
Pro-Mold 1-Screw PM-PC16
2½ x 3½ 180-pts. 1/2″ 1-Screw
Super Thick Card
Pro-Mold 1-Screw PM-PC17
2½ x 3½ 50-pts. Thick Card
Pro-Mold 1-Screw PM-PC6II
2 5/9 x 3 5/9 120-pts. Extra Thick Card
Pro-Mold 1-Screw PM-PC18II
1.517 x 2.717 20-pts. 1-Screw T-206 Topps Ginter Pro-Mold 1-Screw PM-PC206
n/a n/a 4-Screw
BCW 4-Screw 1-4SNR
n/a n/a Pro-Mold 4-Screw
Pro-Mold 4-Screw PM-PC9
2½ x 3½ 4-Screw
BCW 4-Screw 1-4SR
2½ x 3½ 30-pts. Pro-Mold 4-Screw
Pro-Mold 4-Screw PM-PC11
2½ x 3½ 4 Screw
Black Border
BCW 4-Screw 1-1CS-B
2½ x 3½ 35-pts. 35-pts. Magnetic BCW Magnetic 1-MCH-35
2½ x 3½ 55-pts. 55-pts. Magnetic BCW Magnetic 1-MCH-55
2½ x 3½ 75-pts. 75-pts. Magnetic BCW Magnetic 1-MCH-75
2½ x 3½ 100-pts. 100-pts. Magnetic BCW Magnetic 1-MCH-100
2½ x 3½ 180-pts. 180-pts. Magnetic BCW Magnetic 1-MCH-180
2½ x 3½ 360-pts. 360-pts. Magnetic BCW Magnetic 1-MCH-360
2½ x 3½ 20-pts. Pro-Mold Regular
Pro-Mold Magnetic PM-MH1
2½ x 3½ 50-pts. 50-pts. Magnetic Pro-Mold Magnetic PM-MH2
2½ x 3½ 120-pts. 120-pts. Magnetic Pro-Mold Magnetic PM-MH3
2 9/16 x 3 9/16 180-pts. 180-pts. Magnetic Pro-Mold Magnetic PM-MH4
2½ x 3½ 80-pts. 80-pts. Magnetic Pro-Mold Magnetic PM-MH5
2½ x 3½ 150-pts. 150-pts. Magnetic Pro-Mold Magnetic PM-MH6
2¾ x 3½ Approx.30-pts.. Acrylic Card Stand Vertical BCW Pressure Fit 1-ACS-V
2¾ x 3½ Approx.30-pts.. Acrylic Card Stand Vertical
with Header
BCW Pressure Fit 1-ACS-VH
2¼ x 4¼ 1/4″ Acrylic
BCW 4-Screw 1-A025
2¼ x 4½ ½” Acrylic
BCW 4-Screw 1-A050
2¼ x 4½ 118-pts. ½” Acrylic 4-Screw with
3MM Insert
BCW 4-Screw A050–A050-I-3MM
2¼ x 4½ 1″ Acrylic
BCW 4-Screw 1-A100
2¼ x 4½ 118-pts. 1″ Acrylic
4-Screw with
3MM Insert
BCW 4-Screw A100–A050-I-3MM
2¼ x 4½ 235-pts. 1″ Acrylic
4-Screw with
6MM Insert
BCW 4-Screw A100–A100-I-6MM
2 1/16 x 3 1/8 20-pts. Tobacco Card Toploader BCW Topload 1-TLCH-TBC-25
2¾ x 3 7/8 20-pts. 25-Pack Standard
BCW Topload 1-TLCH-N
2¾ x 3 7/16 20-pts. 25-Pack Premium
BCW Topload 1-TLCH
2¾ x 3 7/8 20-pts. Toploader with “Rookie Card” BCW Topload 1-TLCH-RG (Gold)
1-TLCH-RW (White)
2¾ x 3 7/8 20-pts. Toploader with
Color Border
BCW Topload 1-TLCH-BK
2¾ x 3 7/8 50-pts. Action Packed
BCW Topload 1-TLCH-TH-1.5MM
2¾ x 3 7/8 79-pts. Thick Card
BCW Topload 1-TLCH-TH-2MM
2¾ x 3 7/8 108-pts. Thick Card
BCW Topload 1-TLCH-TH-2.75MM
2¾ x 3 7/8 138-pts. Thick Card
BCW Topload 1-TLCH-TH-3.5MM
2¾ x 3 7/8 168-pts. Thick Card
BCW Topload 1-TLCH-TH-4.25MM
2¾ x 3 7/8 197-pts. Thick Card
BCW Topload 1-TLCH-TH-5MM
2¾ x 3 7/8 240-pts. Thick Card
BCW Topload 1-TLCH-TH-7MM
2¾ x 3 7/8 360-pts. Thick Card
BCW Topload 1-TLCH-TH-9MM
2¾ x 4 7/8 20-pts. Tall Card
3 3/16 x 4 1/4 No inset Semi-Rigid Holder 1 BCW Semi-Rigid 1-SR1
 2 7/8 x 3 3/4 No inset  Semi-Rigid Holder 2 BCW Semi-Rigid 1-SR2
3 3/16 x 5 1/8 No inset  Semi-Rigid Holder 3 – Tall BCW Semi-Rigid 1-SR3


Protecting Your National Geographic Collection

National Geographic has been publishing some of the best photography, social stories and science news for over a century. For collectors that want to preserve their yellow-bordered magazine collection, BCW bags, backing boards, and boxes are an ideal solution. While BCW offers supplies to protect traditionally-sized magazines, BCW’s products sized for Silver Age comics books are perfect for National Geographic. The Silver Age is an era in comic book publishing from 1956 to 1969 when comics were similar in dimensions to National Geographics.

To get the correct comic bag for a National Geographic, use the Silver Thick Comic Book Bag along with a Silver Age Comic Book Backing Board.

To hold a group of five National Geographics, try a Comic Book Stor-Folio.

The BCW Short Comic Box can hold approximately 56 National Geographics in bags and boards, with room for a few BCW Comic Book Dividers. A BCW Long Comic Box can hold about 100 National Geographics.