Why do BCW Card Box Names Not Match the Amount of Cards They Can Hold?

BCW offers numerous sizes of boxes to store collectible trading cards. The boxes are named by numbers, implying they can store that many cards. An example is the BCW 930 Count Box – its title implies it holds 930 cards, however the description claims it holds 825 cards. So why do BCW box names not match what the boxes actually hold? Is there a system to help collectors understand the box naming system vs. the actual box quantity amount?

This is a frequently asked question at BCW Supplies. To understand the answer, a brief history lesson in baseball card collecting is needed. Between 1956 and 1981, Topps was the only manufacturer of baseball cards and they used an 18 point card stock. In 1981, the MLB added 2 more licensees which were Donruss and Fleer. By 1989, The Upper Deck Company, Score, and other brands started emerging. With competition came innovation and card companies started making cards with a little heavier card stock and UV coating which made them a couple of points thicker. One manufacturer of football cards, Action Packed, even started embossing their cards. Then, the card manufacturers started making thicker “premium brands” of trading cards and adding pieces of memorabilia to some of the special cards, usually referred to as inserts.

So, the answer is that, for the period between 1956 and 1989, cards were approximately 18 points thick and the boxes were originally designed for these cards.

See all of the BCW Trading Card Boxes. Please refer to the product description to ensure the box you need with protect all of the cards you are storing.

The bottom of most BCW boxes list their size.

The bottom of most BCW boxes describes their size.

Visit the BCW & Pro-Mold Fan Cave at the 2014 NSCC

The July 30th – August 3rd National Sports Collectors Convention in Cleveland is one of the premier annual events for sports cards and memorabilia collectors. The attractions include the Tri-Star Autograph Pavilion, The Casebreak Pavilion, Center Stage activities, special cards from card manufacturers, and hundreds of vendors offering cards and other collectibles. Additionally, this is the perfect time to catch up with fellow collectors!

2014 NSCC Corporate Area

2014 NSCC Corporate Area

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Executives from BCW and Pro-Mold will be on hand to answer any of your card and memorabilia supply questions. We would also love to hear your suggestions about how to improve hobby supplies. We will not be selling any supplies in our corporate booth at the NSCC, but you can find BCW, Pro-Mold and BallQube products at several vendor booths including Hooked on Cards (booth 1204).

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