Introducing Elite2 Deck Guards

To keep gaming cards in good condition, BCW’s standard Deck Guards are a great value. In 2017, we introduced Elite Deck Guards for players that demanded thicker sleeves for better durability and better protection for their cards. While BCW is proud of the quality of Elite Deck Guards, we received feedback from Team BCW and the gaming community, suggesting refinements. This evolution has led to our next generation of premium card sleeves – Elite2 Deck Guards.

As with the previous Elite Deck Guards, the Elite2 versions have a nice textured back that’s great for shuffling. Strong seams will keep the layers welded together through numerous games. Team BCW members have not reported issues with sleeve splitting after using Elite2 Deck Guards through several SCG Opens.

Elite2 Deck Guards are available in matte or gloss finish. This characteristic refers to the clear layer, not the colored layer. While the gloss sleeves present the card artwork and foil reflections best, you may prefer the matte finish sleeves to reduce glare.

We made the following refinements to Elite2 Deck Guards, based on feedback from the previous Elite Deck Guards:

To ensure all Elite 2 Deck Guards are 100% opaque on the colored back layer, we added a blackout layer. This will make all colors of Elite2 Deck Guards tournament legal for games that demand you cannot view anything through the sleeves, such as Magic: The Gathering. This added blackout layer makes the Elite2 Deck Guards slightly firmer than the original Elites.

We added two millimeters to the height of Elite2 Deck Guards, as compared to the original Elites. This is to accommodate some brands of inner sleeves. While BCW Inner Sleeves fit perfectly inside standard Deck Guards and the original Elite Deck Guards, some inner sleeves from other brands are slightly taller. Adding the extra height to our Elite2 Deck Guards will allow all brands of inner sleeves to fit inside the sleeves appropriately.

We have increased the number of sleeves per package and now offer the Elite2 Deck Guards in packs of 100. The original Elite Deck Guards were only offered in packs of 80. The increased quantity is better for Commander players, or simply provides some extra sleeves.

Elite 2 Deck Guards are available in Black, Blue, Red, Green, Teal, Cool Gray, and Mulberry, with more colors coming soon.

Elite 2 Deck Guards are a great value for premium card sleeves. Why pay more for great sleeves? Try our Elite2 Deck Guards today and see for yourself what a great value BCW offers.

While quantities last, the original Elite Deck Guards and other discontinued gaming accessories are available at 20% off their normal price.

Refined 12-Pocket Z-Folios for 2019

To protect standard sized cards, BCW’s 12-Pocket Z-Folios are a popular storage method for card gamers. The pages in the folio display four cards in a row, which is ideal for Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon, and other card games using playsets of four. Gamers also appreciate these folios have a zipper closure, ensuring their cards cannot fallout of the album.

12-Pocket Z-Folios – Color Choices

For 2019, BCW is making a refinement to the 12-Pocket Z-Folios. As with the original versions, these folios have faux leather covers, available in many colors. These folios have stitching around the edges of the cover, and the original versions had stitching that matched the color of the faux leather. For the 2019 versions, we changed the color of the stitching, so the thread contrasts with the faux leather. It may be a subtle color refinement, but we think card collectors will like the change.

Faux Leather and Thread – Color Combinations

Faux Leather and Thread – Color Combinations

Faux Leather and Thread – Color Combinations

The Center Spread of a 12-Pocket Z-Folio

The pages in the 2019 version of 12-Pocket Z-Folio are identical to the previous version. These folios contain twenty double-sided pages, so a full folio holds 480 cards, assuming you only place one card in each pocket. The pockets are large enough to hold sleeved cards.

New Packaging for 2019

The only other refinement to the 2019 versions are changes to the package design. Game shops will notice changes to most of BCW’s gaming line as our 2019 products hit the shelves this spring. Game shops can apply for a BCW wholesale account here.

View BCW 12-Pocket Z-Folios.

Refined Gaming Accessories for 2019

BCW is refining our gaming products, and these products will be available soon. Some changes will be updates to existing products, while other items will be new. The first items that will receive these refinements are 12-Pocket Z-Folio LX, 9-Pocket Z-Folio LX, and Deck Case LX. Here are the improvements you’ll see:

  1. All “LX” products will be available in 11 colors. The stitching around the edges will change to contrasting colors.
  2. The large dragon design on the Deck Case LX has been reduced and moved to a lower corner.
  3. Improved packaging will spotlight these products on shelves.

The original products, described as “Classic” products on our website, will be available while quantities last.

Stay tuned for more gaming line improvements this winter!

MTG Mint Card now offers BCW gaming card supplies!

MTG Mint Card is well known for selling sealed and played Magic: The Gathering cards. They now offer BCW Deck Guard sleeves, Deck Lockers, Pro-Folios, storage boxes, and other accessories from BCW Supplies and Monster Protectors. MTG Mint Card will be distributing BCW products to game shops in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and mainland China. Shops in these regions can contact MTG Mint Card to learn more.

Horizontal Trading Card Dividers

BCW now offers Horizontal Card Dividers. These are helpful for all card boxes that store cards in the horizontal/landscape format (listed below). The index tab on these dividers is scored so the tab can fold down to fit inside a closed box. The dividers are made from a durable plastic, so the tabs do not break off after folding.

BCW Card Boxes with a Horizontal Card Format:

All BCW Card Boxes and Card Houses

Other Card Dividers:

BCW Passport Challenge at the 2017 GAMA Trade Show

Retailer guests at the March 13-17, 2017 GAMA Trade Show in Vegas are invited to enter the BCW Passport Challenge. The GAMA Trade Show is an annual meeting of gaming hobby retailers, manufacturers, and distributors (GAMA members only).

This year, BCW will be awarding three sets of Magic: the Gathering Dual Lands and BCW Gaming Supplies! Three winners will be selected (one playset per winner).




To enter, GAMA Trade Show retailer guests can visit the BCW Supplies booth (330), in the GAMA exhibit hall on Wednesday, March 15th or Thursday, March 16th and pick-up your “BCW Passport”. Then get your passport stamped at the listed BCW distributors’ booths in the GAMA exhibit hall:

Return your stamped passport to the BCW booth before 3:00 p.m. on Thursday, March 16th, get the fourth stamp from BCW, and provide your passport to the BCW staff. Lastly, visit the BCW booth at 4:00 p.m. on Thursday when BCW will conduct a random drawing of all entries and announce three prize winners. The potential winners must be present to claim their prize.

See the 2017 BCW Passport Challenge Official Rules for details.

Which BCW Cardboard Boxes are Large Enough for Card Holders or Graded Cards?

Most BCW cardboard boxes are only large enough to hold standard 2½” x 3½” cards or cards in sleeves. However several boxes have wider rows to accommodate cards in protective holders such as semi-rigids, toploaders, 1-screws, magnetics or other holders or cases. Some BCW boxes are designed to hold graded cards or other tall cards. A few boxes have both wide rows and increased height.

If you are trying to decide which BCW boxes are right for your collection, the list below shows the basic sizes. If you store cards in protective holders, you’ll need a box with WIDE rows. If you have graded cards, other tall cards, or you have 4-screw card holders, get a box labelled GRADED.

Note the length of the card boxes are often named by the number of cards they can hold, such as a 930-ct. Box, however these sizes are based on the thickness of a traditional card. Modern cards are often thicker than traditional Topps baseball cards. Learn more

Link to the boxes below for specific dimensions.

BCW Card Box SKU Row Width Height
100 ct. Storage Box 1-BX-100 Standard Standard
200 ct. Storage Box 1-BX-200 Standard Standard
300 ct. Storage Box 1-BX-300 Standard Standard
330 ct. Storage Box (for Pre-1957 cards) 1-BX-330 Standard Standard
400 ct. Storage Box 1-BX-400 Standard Standard
500 ct. Storage Box (for Pre-1957 cards) 1-BX-500 Standard Standard
550 ct. Storage Box 1-BX-550 Standard Standard
660 ct. Storage Box 1-BX-660 Standard Standard
800 ct. Storage Box 1-BX-800 Standard Standard
800 ct. Storage Box (2 Piece) 1-BX-802 Standard Standard
930 ct. Storage Box 1-BX-930 Standard Standard
1000 ct. Storage Box – Gaming 1-BX-G1000 Standard Standard
Graded Trading Card Box(30 Graded Cards) 1-BX-GTCB WIDE GRADED
Vault Storage Box (1,000-ct.) 1-BX-VAULT WIDE Standard
Super Vault Storage Box 1-BX-SVAULT WIDE GRADED
Shoe Storage Box (1,600-ct.) 1-BX-SHOE WIDE (2 Rows) Standard
Graded Shoe Box (100 Graded Cards) 1-BX-GSB WIDE (2 Rows) GRADED
Super Shoe Storage Box (3,000-ct.) 1-BX-SSHOE WIDE (3 Rows) Standard
Monster Storage Box (3,200-ct.) 1-BX-MON Standard (4 Rows) Standard
3,200 ct. Storage Box (Full Lid) 1-BX-3200 Standard (4 Rows) Standard
Super Monster Storage Box (5,000-ct.) 1-BX-SMON Standard (5 Rows) Standard
5,000 ct. Storage Box (Full Lid) 1-BX-5000 Standard (5 Rows) Standard

Two Row Shoe Boxes

BCW Premium Leatherette Gaming Supplies

If you’re looking for a sophisticated method to store and display your trading cards, BCW’s LT Deck Lockers and Z-Folios are the perfect solution. These are designed to protect Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon, and other 2½ x 3½ cards that are loose or in card sleeves.


BCW Premium LT Gaming Products

These LT products include:

A Deck Locker LT after 8 months of use.

A Deck Locker LT after 8 months of use.


The outside of these LT Deck Lockers and Z-Folios are made from a premium leatherette (LT). The LT material starts as a deep black, but after several months of use, fades to a worn brown, just like a leather jacket.






If you want a Deck Locker or folio, but brown in not your favorite choice, try one of BCW’s colorful LX products:

Black Faerie Añadido como BCW Supplies Master Distribuidor

BCW Supplies ha añadido Black Faerie como una BCW Master Distribuidor autorizado. Black Faerie tiene su sede en Santiago y concentrará sus esfuerzos en distribuir productos de BCW a tiendas de juegos de cartas en Chile, que venden principalmente Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon, Mitos y Leyendas, y Yu-Gi-Oh.

Black Faerie
BCW produce y distribuye productos para proteger, almacenar y exhibir suministros de hobby. Las líneas de productos de BCW se centran en suministros para juegos y tarjetas de deportes, libros de historietas, monedas, registros de música, fotografías, revistas y objetos de recuerdo deportivos. Además de los productos de la marca BCW, BCW ofrece suministros de los fabricantes asociados: Monster Protectors, BallQube, Pro-Mold y Boxes in Action.

Las tiendas chilenas de juegos pueden contactar a Black Faerie en
[email protected]

LX Gaming Supplies in Four New Colors

BCW now offers some of our most popular gaming products in additional colors! The products listed below were originally available in our black, white, red, green, and blue leatherette material (LX). These four items are now also available in teal, purple, pink, and orange:

See the full line of BCW Gaming Products.