A Huge Weekend for Team BCW in Indy!

Team BCW started the weekend with a BCW Challenge, hosted by Game Time Indy on Friday, Feb. 16th. Team members Todd Stevens, Brennan DeCandio, Ross Merriam, and Jim Davis, took on 44 players in one of the largest Challenge events to date. The first 36 players in the BCW Challenge were given a pack of Elite Deck Guards, with the new mulberry color Elites in high demand.

BCW Challenge at Game Time Indy

On Saturday, Team BCW competed in the Star City Games Indy Open. This was the largest SCG Open in history with 1,060 players competing for a shot at the ultimate prize. It would take a record of 7-2 or better to make Day Two and three Team BCW members got there! Ross and Brennan advanced with a record of 8-1, while Jim advanced with a 7-2 record. Todd just missed Day Two with a record of 6-3. Not to worry Value Town fans, we will see more of Todd on the SCG Standard Classic on Sunday.

Going into Sunday, both Jim and Brennan looked good to make the Final 8. Then the pairing for Round 15 pitted Jim against teammate Brennan. Good news is one of them would make Top 8, but the bad news is one of them would be out of the Open. Brennan playing Grixis Death’s Shadow would take the round winning 2-1 against Jim on B/G Tron. Brennan would navigate his way once again to the Open finals, and in stunning fashion he won the largest Modern Open!

Brennan receiving his SCG Indy Open trophy from Nick Miller

As for Mr. Value Town, Todd made some noise in standard. He went 6-0-2 for the Swiss rounds of the Classic. Todd piloted his take on U/B Control only dropping 2 games. He would go on to win the Standard Classic bringing home the hardware as well.

Team BCW members (left to right) Ross Merriam, Todd Stevens, Brennan DeCandio, and Team Manager Rick Kivett

How will Jace TMS and Bloodbraid Elf change the Modern format? Make sure to tune into Team BCW members’ Twitch streams over the next few weeks to watch and learn as they test the new Modern format and continue to push the Standard format. Follow each team member on Twitter for updates on when they go live, and follow Team BCW for updates on the BCW Challenge events. If you are in the Worcester area before #SCGWOR, please join us at TJ Collectibles on Friday, March 2nd for our next BCW Challenge.


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Team BCW had an Amazing Weekend in Philly

It was another great BCW Challenge during the January 26th Friday Night Magic at Alternate Universes in Blue Bell, PA. About 30 players took a shot at taking down Todd Stevens, Jim Davis, Tannon Grace, and Ross Merriam. While several players took home a t-shirt for winning a game of their chosen format, every participant received BCW Elite Deck Guards just for challenging a Team BCW member.

On Saturday, the SCG Open in Philly was a packed house with almost 1,000 players in the team event. Tannon Grace, Brennan DeCandio, and Caleb Durward were a team for the weekend. They finished Saturday with an impressive 8-1 team record. The team of Jim Davis, Todd Stevens, and Jody Keith were also a team for the Open. They finished Saturday with a respectful record of 7-2 to make it to Day Two. Ross Merriam’s team failed to make the Day Two cut, but that was not the last to hear of Ross on the weekend.

#SCGPHILLY 2nd Place team of Tannon Grace, Caleb Durward, and Brennan DeCandio

On Sunday, we saw Tannon/DeCandio/Durward make it to the Top 8 as the second seed, and the team of Davis/Stevens/Keith finish just short of the top 8 in 13th place. Tannon/DeCandio/Durward would battle all the way to the finals of the event and just fall short of taking home the top prize and the trophy. It was a great day for Team BCW, but it’s not done just yet. Ross would not be outdone by his teammates. He entered the largest Classic event held last weekend (Modern) and would fight his way to the Top 8 of the Classic. Ross finished the Swiss rounds with an impressive record of 8-1 to lock up the second seed of the Top 8. He battled his way to the finals of the SCG Modern Classic where he won!

#SCGPHILLY Modern Classic Champion Ross Merriam

Our next event will be a special BCW Challenge at Game Time Indy starting around 8:30pm on Friday, Feb. 16th. Then Team BCW will compete at #SCGINDY on Feb. 17th and 18th.

Stay tuned as Team BCW will announce another huge “Retweet to Win” giveaway on Thursday, Feb. 1st at @Team_BCW in recognition of their huge weekend in Philly!

Team BCW Recap from Dallas/Fort Worth

Members of Team BCW visited Madness Games in Plano on January, 19th for the team’s second BCW Challenge. Almost forty players challenged Jim Davis, Todd Stevens, and Tannon Grace to a game of Magic. Several challengers claimed a victory, winning BCW Elite Deck Guards and t-shirts.

Tannon, Todd, and Jim at Madness Games Plano

The January 20th and 21st Dallas/Fort Worth SCG Open had a 3-member team format. Team BCW members Brennan DeCandio and Tannon Grace joined with Harlan Firer for the weekend. They made Day Two with a 7-2 record. Team BCW members Jim Davis and Todd Stevens banded with Jody Keith and just missed advancing to Day Two.

On Sunday, Brennan, Tannon, and Harlan finished the team event in 13th place. Jim entered the Standard Classic, playing a deck he had been streaming on Twitch, and finished in 3rd place. Todd took Mono Green Tron into the Modern Classic where he just missed Top 8 and finished in 11th.

Jim and Todd at the SCG Open Dallas/Fort Worth

Join Team BCW on Friday, January 26th, for another BCW Challenge. Play team members during FNM at Alternate Universes’ Blue Bell location. The team will be competing in the SCG Philly Open January 27th and 28th. Follow Team BCW on Twitter for updates throughout the weekend as well as more giveaway opportunities coming soon!

Jim Davis – 2017: Wow What a Year

Team BCW member, Jim Davis, reflects on 2017.

2017 has been the craziest and most life-changing year of my life, both with regards to Magic as well as my personal life.

While I did finish third in the Player of the Year race on the SCG Tour and play in my first Pro Tour in a few years, overall it was a pretty disappointing year as far as tournament results go. I only had two SCG Tour top 8s despite playing a ton of events all year and had uninspiring finishes at both Invitationals and the Pro Tour. I did make a ton of top 16s and 32s, but while those pay the bills and keep me on the leaderboard they don’t feel great when I’ve also had two byes all year.

There were disappointing finishes as well as life-changing milestones in 2017 for me, so let’s look at the 2017 headlines as well as the lessons learned along the way.

Playing Control Decks in Standard Again

While I’m definitely known as a “control player,” I like to think I have a pretty wide range overall. Still, I am at my most comfortable playing any sort of hard control deck and 2017 offered me a number of opportunities to do just that.

UB Control:

  • 4 Disallow
  • 2 Fatal Push
  • 4 Torrential Gearhulk
  • 4 Glimmer of Genius
  • 1 Essence Extraction
  • 4 Choked Estuary
  • 1 Confirm Suspicions
  • 1 Jace, Unraveler of Secrets
  • 1 Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet
  • 2 Submerged Boneyard
  • 1 Void Shatter
  • 4 Sunken Hollow
  • 2 Horribly Awry
  • 1 Blighted Fen
  • 2 Ruinous Path
  • 3 Murder
  • 4 Grasp of Darkness
  • 3 Negate
  • 8 Swamp
  • 8 Island


  • 2 Fatal Push
  • 2 Ceremonious Rejection
  • 2 Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet
  • 1 Sphinx of the Final Word
  • 1 Blighted Cataract
  • 1 Ruinous Path
  • 2 Dead Weight
  • 3 Dispel
  • 1 Negate

I ran UB Control at the first few opens of the year to a number of close calls, but ultimately some suboptimal play ended up keeping me out of top 8. The deck was quite good pre-Pro Tour Aether Revolt, where I was in for a rude awakening. Apparently Mardu Vehicles wasn’t actually bad and people just weren’t building it right! After 3-0ing my first Pro Tour draft in a few years I was feeling great going into the constructed rounds… until I ran afoul of Mardu Vehicles and some other unexpected decks to lose four rounds in a row.

There’s a fine line between comfort and stubbornness, something I’ve been working on all year.

I’d like to say that playing UB Control at Pro Tour Aether Revolt was just due to me being stubborn, but it was also due to a poor metagame read as well. Still, as my former Team MGG teammates would often remind me I do tend to be stubborn about deck selection, favoring decks that I’m either comfortable with or I think give me an edge rather than playing the safer choice. I certainly can’t disagree with them, but it’s both a strength and a weakness.

While it didn’t work out for Pro Tour Aether Revolt, my choice to go with the more comfortable option at #SCGDAL a few months ago ended up paying off quite well.

UW Approach:

  • 2 Settle the Wreckage
  • 2 Search for Azcanta
  • 2 Farm
  • 4 Ipnu Rivulet
  • 2 Supreme Will
  • 2 Desert of the Mindful
  • 4 Censor
  • 4 Irrigated Farmland
  • 4 Cast Out
  • 3 Approach of the Second Sun
  • 1 Disallow
  • 3 Fumigate
  • 3 Aether Meltdown
  • 4 Glimmer of Genius
  • 1 Essence Scatter
  • 4 Glacial Fortress
  • 6 Plains
  • 5 Island
  • 4 Opt


  • 1 Scavenger Grounds
  • 1 Jace’s Defeat
  • 2 Regal Caracal
  • 3 Torrential Gearhulk
  • 4 Authority of the Consuls
  • 4 Negate

The rest of Team MGG all played the Sultai Energy deck that Andrew Jessup won the event with (and would go on to win the Pro Tour), but while I knew I was deviating to play something a little more comfortable to me I also thought UW Approach was actually quite good. It was certainly good, but it was also a very good week one Standard deck that preyed on the unprepared.

Lesson Learned: Being able to take risks is great, as is having the bravery to do so in important spots, but it’s very important to have the wisdom to know when you’re being stubborn.

Finding Some Footing in Modern

Modern has been a tough nut for me to crack for a while, and at the start of 2017 I shared the same sentiment that many ‘higher level’ players had on the format – I hated it. I thought it was non-interactive and frustrating, there were too many linear strategies for a sideboard to handle, and it felt like a crapshoot. Metagaming felt impossible; where I was able to gain edges in Standard by finding a deck that attacked the expected metagame well, in Modern I would just play against outlandish matchups and nobody would play what I expected them to.

Thankfully this year I feel I have overcome this very common shortcoming.

So what’s the secret? Find something you like, preferably that’s proactive and powerful, and take it to the ends of the earth. Just look at the players this year who have done extremely well in Modern on the SCG Tour; Todd Stevens with Eldrazi Tron, Caleb Scherer with Storm, Jonathan Rosum with Jeskai, Dan Jessup with Grixis Death’s Shadow, and so on. Metagaming is an illusion in Modern because people just play what they like/can afford, so just focus on what you are doing.

Over 2017 I’ve basically played two Modern decks; Dredge for the first half of the year and GB Tron for the second half of the year.


  • 4 Cathartic Reunion
  • 2 Collective Brutality
  • 4 Prized Amalgam
  • 4 Insolent Neonate
  • 4 Faithless Looting
  • 4 Copperline Gorge
  • 4 Bloodghast
  • 4 Scalding Tarn
  • 2 Dakmor Salvage
  • 4 Narcomoeba
  • 3 Conflagrate
  • 2 Blood Crypt
  • 1 Steam Vents
  • 2 Stomping Ground
  • 3 Golgari Thug
  • 4 Life from the Loam
  • 4 Stinkweed Imp
  • 3 Wooded Foothills
  • 2 Mountain


  • 2 Collective Brutality
  • 1 Vengeful Pharaoh
  • 1 Bojuka Bog
  • 3 Maelstrom Pulse
  • 2 Thoughtseize
  • 2 Lightning Axe
  • 1 Ancient Grudge
  • 1 Ghost Quarter
  • 2 Engineered Explosives

GB Tron:

  • 1 Walking Ballista
  • 3 Fatal Push
  • 1 Blooming Marsh
  • 1 Sanctum of Ugin
  • 1 Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger
  • 2 Ugin, the Spirit Dragon
  • 4 Karn Liberated
  • 3 Wurmcoil Engine
  • 4 Ancient Stirrings
  • 4 Expedition Map
  • 1 World Breaker
  • 3 Relic of Progenitus
  • 4 Chromatic Star
  • 3 Oblivion Stone
  • 4 Sylvan Scrying
  • 3 Llanowar Wastes
  • 4 Chromatic Sphere
  • 4 Urza’s Tower
  • 4 Urza’s Power Plant
  • 4 Urza’s Mine
  • 2 Snow-Covered Forest


  • 4 Collective Brutality
  • 3 Thragtusk
  • 2 Nature’s Claim
  • 2 Thoughtseize
  • 2 Seal of Primordium
  • 1 Ghost Quarter
  • 1 Snow-Covered Swamp

They’re both powerful, proactive decks that seek to execute their plan to the fullest. They’re odd to play and odd to play against because they break so many of Magic’s fundamental rules, but that’s where the repetition comes in. By playing the same Modern deck week in and week out you can learn all the nuances of how to properly sequence your deck, as well as what kinds of hands are okay and what it is capable of.

You also learn how your deck fits into the overall picture of the metagame. There are so many possible matchups in Modern that having a plan for each one of them is a very difficult thing to do. Because it is so difficult, this is one of the areas where you can gain the biggest edge in the format. It’s not like Standard where a good player can just pick up a good deck and win a tournament without playing it before. There are many more moving parts than just creatures and removal spells, which makes knowledge of your deck, your opponent’s deck, and how they interact paramount.

Is Modern perfect? No, but I’m happy to say I’m no longer afraid of it!

Lesson Learned: It’s very easy to complain about difficult problems, especially when people you respect share your grievances. It’s much harder to try and solve those problems in spite of them.

Travelling to a Pro Tour Again

While my UB Control deck didn’t fare so well at Pro Tour Aether Revolt, it was great to break out my passport and travel halfway across the world for a Pro Tour again. I played most of the Pro Tours from 2006-2009, but in recent years my focus has been much more fixated on the SCG Tour.

There’s just something really special about stepping off of an airplane and into another culture.

I covered my Pro Tour pretty in depth in my article that came after it, but it was certainly a memorable and enjoyable experience despite the mediocre finish.

Lesson Learned: Pro Tours are really fun! Not everything needs to be looked at from an expected value perspective, and there’s a lot of non-monetary value in just travelling to attend a Pro Tour at an exciting location!

Becoming a Family Man

They say “when it rains, it pours” and 2017 was quite the year for me on the home front.

Nicole, John and I bought a house earlier this year!

Nicole and I got engaged on Christmas Eve!

That’s some year, and I couldn’t be more excited for our future in our new home. I’m so thankful that Nicole and John are so positively involved in everything I do, from Nicole joining me to battle at events, to John joining my stream for The John and Jim Show, to playing Magic at home together, and to them just being generally supportive whether I’m home or travelling. Finding a balance between work and home life is tough, but made much easier when you’re with people who support you to the fullest.

Lesson Learned: Try to surround yourself with people who support things you love, and try to support whatever it is the people around you love.

Biting Off More Than I Could Chew

It’s been a great two years and I’m very proud of all we accomplished, but 2017 will be my last year with TeamMGG. I love everyone involved with the team and wish them all the best in 2018.

While Team MGG was one of the most exciting things I’ve been involved in over the last two years, it came at a cost. When Frank Pendl and Rick Meditz first approached me and asked me to captain the team, I was honored and happy to join them in making it a successful endeavor. It was big, bold, and ambitious, and I’m extremely proud of all we accomplished. It is also a ton of work. With Frank and Rick having fulltime jobs as well as families, at the start of 2017 I offered to take on some of the managerial responsibilities of the team.

This was a mistake on my part.

I put a lot of work into Team MGG in 2017, often to the detriment of myself. My focus constantly remained split between what was best for the team’s success as an entity as well as my own personal success, both in playing actual events and in my own Magic endeavors (writing articles, streaming, coaching, etc.). By trying to do everything well, I ended up doing a mediocre job on both fronts. My results suffered, my stream and other work suffered, and I wasn’t accomplishing everything I wanted to with the team.

Team Metagame Gurus

I love all those guys, which is part of the reason I tried so hard to do it all, but the reality is that I needed to pick one – be a player or be a manager. Frank and Rick decided to pursue the idea of fielding Pro Tour Team Series teams and have my full support, but I needed to step away and focus my own livelihood and results.

Lesson Learned: You can’t do everything, even if you want to. Figure out what is most important and put all your effort towards it.

Moving On To Something New

2017 has certainly been one for the record books.  Perhaps the most exciting thing about 2017 however is how much I’m looking forward to 2018. Aside from the boring stuff like moving into a new house and getting married, I’m very excited for all that Magic has in store. And how could I not be when I get to battle alongside these handsome fellows!

Team BCW

I’ve been working alongside BCW Supplies for the last two years with Team MGG, so when they told me they were putting together their own team to battle on the SCG Tour I was intrigued. Having already made the choice to step aside from my player/manager role on Team MGG, the allure of getting to just focus on playing and my own livelihood was very appealing. Once I saw the rest of the lineup and knew that Rick Kivett and the rest of BCW Supplies would be behind it full force it was an easy sell.

I’ve battled alongside and hung out with Ross, Tannon, Todd, and Brennan a lot over the last few years, and now I’m very proud to join them on Team BCW. I couldn’t be more excited for 2018, both for what we will accomplish as a team and for what I’ve got in store for my own streaming and coaching endeavors. I’m also looking forward to getting back to improving as a player. I haven’t put much focus on my game since 2015, where I was hell-bent on redeeming myself for a disastrous first Player’s Championship. Success in Magic is always a moving target, and I look forward to returning my focus towards improving as both a player, a coach, and an entertainer.

2018 is going to awesome!

Team BCW Gets Rolling with FNM Event and SCG Open in Columbus

With the first weekend of the 2018 Star City Games Open Series in the books, here’s how Team BCW fared:

Comic Town in Columbus hosted the first BCW Challenge during FNM on January 5th. Comic Town players challenged Team BCW members Ross Merriam, The Tannon Grace, and Brennan DeCandio to a single game of Magic. Thirty-three people took the challenge, with 8 people walking away with a victory and receiving a special prize, and all 33 people who played walked away with a pack of BCW Elite Deck Guards. The event was fun for both players and the team, with lots of laughs and great games from Standard, Modern, and Legacy.

Team BCW members at Comic Town in Columbus, OH

As for Saturday at the SCG Tour, the team started off strong with Todd Stevens playing his U/B Processor deck. If you missed it, Todd made a statement via Twitter that if he reached over 100 Twitch subscribers during his Christmas day stream, he would play U/B Processor at the first Open in 2018, and true to his word he played it in the open. Brennan Decandio played his Green Devotion deck that he has been working on and streaming for several weeks. Jim Davis played G/B Tron and he has also been streaming that deck for several weeks. The Tannon Grace took a shot at Grixis Death Shadow for this Open. Ross Merriam was the only team member to make day two and was running his take on Dredge. Ross finished day 1 with a record of 8-1.

Sunday Ross ran into some rough match ups on day two and finished the day in 59th place. Ross stated that he liked his build of Dredge because it was good versus the creature heavy decks. As for the rest of the team, Todd played in the Modern Classic with Bant Eldrazi and Brennan, Jim, and Tannon decided to take their shot at the Legacy Classic. Brennan finished the Legacy Classic in 32nd place with the rest of the team finishing outside of prizes.

The next Open is January 20th and 21st in Fort Worth, Texas, and we will have a BCW Challenge event held at Madness Comics and Games in Plano TX. If you plan on attending the Open, come hang out with the team Friday night. Follow us on Twitter at @Team_BCW for all the updates and fun.

Why Does Team BCW Have Five Members?

Team BCW is a competitive Magic: The Gathering team, consisting of five members. During team-format events, such as the Team Constructed events on the StarCityGames Tour, the teams consist of three members. So why does Team BCW have five members, not three or six?

Team BCW was designed to help the members, and other MTG players, grow and become better players. The team is focused on the SCG Tour, and streaming content that’s current and relevant to the Magic community. Each member of the team brings their own take on the formats as well as play styles. This team was not formed to focus on team events and the members are not required to team with other Team BCW members for the team events.

To create this team, BCW reached out to several players who are writing content and streaming frequently. The members of Team BCW are excited to work together on several fronts, such as promoting each other, the SCG Tour, BCW card supplies, and giving back to the Magic: The Gathering community. One way the team is supporting the Magic community is supporting fun giveaways of cards and card supplies. A second way the team is supporting the Magic community is by hosting “BCW Challenges” at participating game shops during the FNMs before each SCG Tour weekend. At these FNM events, you can challenge a Team BCW member to a single game of Magic, and if you win, you’ll receive BCW Elite Deck Guards or other great prizes.

Members of Team BCW at Comic Town in Columbus, OH

Follow each team member on Twitter for streaming information and make sure to follow Team BCW for updates about giveaways and BCW Challenges.

Liliana of the Veil RT to Win Sweepstakes

This sweepstakes has concluded. Congratulations to the winner, @bresett123.

Twitter users can follow @Team_BCW and retweet (RT) the respective Tuesday, Dec. 26th post for a chance to win :

Enter by Monday, January 8th, 2018. One winner will be randomly selected. Details below.

Liliana of the Veil Retweet to Win Sweepstakes Official Rules

Twitter users can follow Team BCW (@Team_BCW) and retweet (RT) the respective Tuesday, Dec. 26th, 2017 post for a chance to win the following prize package:

One prize will be randomly selected and awarded to one eligible participant, although @Team_BCW may retweet the original tweet more than once. *The winner can select the color of their choice from the available colors. No purchase is necessary to enter. This sweepstakes is open to legal residents of the 48 contiguous United States. Members of Team BCW and BCW Supplies employees are welcome to participate, but cannot win the prize. BCW Supplies will pay for the shipping of the prize to the winner. The entry period ends Monday, January 8th, 2018 and the potential winner will be contacted on Tuesday, January 9th, 2018 via a private Twitter message. The potential winner will have 72 hours from when the private Twitter message was sent to reply to claim the prize by providing their name and mailing address. If the initial potential winner does not respond within 72 hours, the initial winner will be disqualified and another potential winner will be selected, and so forth, until the prize is awarded. This sweepstakes is sponsored by BCW Supplies, who is solely responsible for the management of the promotion. BCW Supplies reserves the right to update these rules, if an unforeseen situation arises.

Meet Team BCW

Five of the top Magic: the Gathering players on the Star City Games Tour have come together to represent BCW Supplies! Team BCW includes Jim Davis, Brennan DeCandio, Tannon Grace, Ross Merriam, and Todd Stevens. In addition to attending the SCG Opens, you can find these players online at the links below. They are often dueling on Twitch, providing coaching services, or offering deck advice on StarCityGames.com.

Can you defeat a pro in a game of Magic? On the Fridays before each SCG Open, you can challenge a Team BCW member to a single game of Magic. If you win, you’ll receive BCW Elite Deck Guards, or other great prizes. Follow Team BCW on Facebook and Twitter to learn about upcoming BCW Challenge events.

If you have any advice about how to improve BCW gaming supplies, please share your ideas with Team BCW. The team will be testing BCW products and providing feedback to BCW Supplies.

Jim Davis
SCG Articles by Jim
Jim has played Magic on every level from the humble beginning grinding at stores, all the way to the Pro Tour. Jim has played in fifteen Pro Tours, has thirteen SCG Open Top 8s, and three SCG Invitational Top 8s. Winning the Players’ Championship in 2015 sparked a full time Magic career. Jim frequently streams Magic on Twitch, he writes articles for www.starcitygames.com, and offers coaching services for other Magic players of all skill levels.
Brennan DeCandio
SCG Articles by Brennan
Brennan Michael DeCandio plays consistently on the SCG Tour and is one of only three people to win back-to-back Opens. Brennan has played in five Pro Tours and has seven SCG Open Top 8s. Brennan is a Magic online streamer who is known for his standard format tech. He also writes for www.starcitygames.com with articles that are posted most Fridays.
Tannon Grace
Tannon Grace started playing Magic competitively in 2003 with the launch of Mirrodin block. He has been to six Pro Tours and has three SCG Tour Top 8s. In addition to Magic, Tannon casts Hearthstone and is a professional poker player. While Tannnon is new to streaming Magic, he has a great understanding of the game and has a professional commentary background, so watch for him to become a top streamer in 2018.
Ross Merriam
SCG Articles by Ross
Ross has been a fixture on the SCG Tour since 2012. He currently has eighteen SCG Open Top 8 finishes and two Invitational Top 8s. He has also played in eleven Pro Tours. Ross is well known for his articles and Daily Digest videos at www.starcitygames.com. He rates playing fundamentally sound Magic at the top of skills needed to have sustained success. Ross is also a trivia master and was a Jeopardy contestant in 2016.
Todd Stevens
SCG Articles by Todd
Todd is the 2017 SCG Tour Player of the Year! He started traveling on the SCG Tour in 2015 and quickly moved up the SCG rankings. Aside from being a modern format master, he’s a regular Twitch streamer and can be viewed on the “VS” video series on www.starcitygames.com. Todd has twelve SCG Open Top 8 finishes. He’s now a full-time Magic: the Gathering player and plans to defend his Player of the Year title.