Joe Lossett and Dylan Hand Added to Team BCW for 2019

Team BCW returns for 2019 with five of the top Magic: the Gathering players on the Star City Games Tour. Jim Davis, Tannon Grace, and Ross Merriam are back from the 2018 team, and we welcome Joe Lossett and Dylan Hand!

On Fridays before SCG Opens, Team BCW normally hosts a BCW Challenge at a game shop near the SCG venue. If you are a local to the SCG Open, or if you are traveling and get to the city by Friday evening, please join us at the host store for the BCW Challenge. You can test your skills in a single game of Magic against a Team BCW member. Follow Team BCW on Twitter or Facebook to find details about upcoming BCW Challenges.

Jim Davis
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Jim has played Magic on every level from the humble beginning grinding at stores, all the way to the Pro Tour. Jim has played in fifteen Pro Tours, has sixteen SCG Open Top 8s, and three SCG Invitational Top 8s. Winning the Players’ Championship in 2015 sparked a full time Magic career. Jim frequently streams Magic on Twitch, posts on Youtube, and shares his expertise in articles at Cool Stuff Inc.

Tannon Grace

Tannon Grace started playing Magic competitively in 2003 with the launch of Mirrodin block. He has been to six Pro Tours and has ten SCG Tour Top 8s. While Tannnon is new to streaming Magic, he has a great understanding of the game and has a professional commentary background, so watch for him to become a top streamer in 2019.


Ross Merriam
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Ross has been a fixture on the SCG Tour since 2012. He currently has twenty-three SCG Open Top 8 finishes and two Invitational Top 8s. He has also played in eleven Pro Tours. Ross is well known for his articles and Versus videos at He rates playing fundamentally sound Magic at the top of skills needed to have sustained success.

Joe Lossett

Joe Lossett is the returning SCG Players’ Champion. He currently has twenty-two Open Top 8s with five wins. Joe won the 2016 SCG Players’ Championship. He’s returning to the SCG Tour in order to defend his Players’ Championship title, as the event was not held in 2017 or 2018.



Dylan Hand
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Dylan Hand spent most of 2018 making his name on the SCG Tour, experiencing success as one of the top performers on the circuit with Modern Humans. For 2019, he looks forward to joining the group of veterans on Team BCW and pushing his game to the next level as he aims to qualify for the returning 2019 Players’ Championship.

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