Team BCW Weekend Recap after SCG MINN

Ahead of the Star City Games Open in Minneapolis, Team BCW held a BCW Challenge at Lodestone Coffee and Games in Minnetonka on Friday, May 25th. The site was packed with 74 people playing in their Friday Night Magic event. Thank you to the 23 players that challenged Jim Davis and Todd Stevens to games of Modern, Legacy or Standard. We also would like to give a big thanks to Nick Miller who joined us at Lodestone and sat in with the team to take on challengers.

Jim Davis and Nick Miller at Lodestone Gaming

On Saturday, three Team BCW members attended SCG Minneapolis. Todd Stevens played G/W Value Town, Jim Davis played Jeskai Control, and Brennan DeCandio played Grixis Death’s Shadow. Jim finished Saturday with a record of 8-1, and Todd had a 7-2 record. Brennan just missed Day Two with a 6-3 record.

Todd Stevens at SCG Minneapolis

Both Jim and Todd had a solid Day Two. Todd finished the Open in 12th place and Jim made the Top 8. Jim lost in the quarterfinals in a rough match against E Tron. All in all it was a great weekend.

Jim Davis at SCG Minneapolis

Up next for Team BCW is the SCG Con in Virginia. All five Team BCW members will be in attendance taking their shot at the Invitational. As the Invitational starts on Friday, we will not be hosting BCW Challenge like we do before Opens. Stay tuned to Team BCW on Twitter for updates on the team’s preparation for SCG Con.

Team BCW’s Louisville Weekend Recap

Team BCW with special guests Caleb Scherer and Paul Muller at Through the Decades

Team BCW members visited Louisville May 18th through 20th for another BCW Challenge and the Star City Games Louisville Open. Friday night’s BCW Challenge was held at Through The Decades Gaming. The team had 53 challengers… a new record for a BCW Challenge. Players competed with Team BCW members Todd Stevens, Ross Merriam, and Tannon Grace, along with special guests Caleb Scherer and Paul Muller. 16 of the 53 challengers defeated one of the pro players. Thanks to Through The Decades and the local TTD players for making this a super BCW Challenge!

Team BCW had a great start to the SCG Louisville Open on Saturday. Todd, Ross, and Tannon were all able to finish with a record that pushed them into Day Two. Todd played G/W Value Town and finished the day with a record of 8-1. Ross, playing Blue Moon, and Tannon, playing Humans, both finished Saturday with a 7-2 record.

On Sunday, the team fought hard, but in the end they fell short of making the Top 8. Todd finished in 10th place, just missing the Top 8. Ross finished in 16th place and Tannon finished in 25thplace. Overall it was a great showing for Team BCW with all three team members making Day Two and all three finished in the Top 32.

Todd, Ross, and Tannon at SCG Louisville

Please join us for the next BCW Challenge at Lodestone Coffee and Games in Minnetonka, MN, on Friday, May 25th at 8pm. You’ll be able to challenge either Jim Davis or Todd Stevens to a game of Standard, Modern, or Legacy. Then over the weekend, Team BCW will fight for wins at #SCGMINN . Make sure to check out the SCG Open on Twitch if you can’t attend the event in Minneapolis.

Team BCW at SCG Milwaukee

Team BCW members Jim Davis and Todd Stevens went to Milwaukee for the Star City Games Tour Milwaukee Open on the April 7th and 8th weekend. But first, they visited Pink Bunny Games in South Milwaukee to host a BCW Challenge. Players from several states were at this BCW Challenge, trying to defeat Jim or Todd in a single game of Magic. The Pink Bunny Games owner also jumped in, playing on the Team BCW side, allowing players to challenge him to a game of Commander or Modern.

Saturday was the largest Star City Open to date with 1,062 players in the main event. Todd and Jim were ready to battle. Jim was running his take on Jeskai and Todd brought the Value Town list from his stream. Todd finished the day at 7-2 and Jim missed Day Two at 6-3.

On Sunday, Todd started off flawless with rounds 10, 11, and 12 wins. Unfortunately Todd was unable to win rounds 13 and 14 falling to 10-4 going into the last round. Todd was paired up against a rough match with Storm. Todd won the round in 3 games and secure 20th place out of 1,062 players. View Todd’s #SCGMKE pairings. As for Jim, he took his shot in Legacy Classic, running his U/W Miracles list. After 7 rounds Jim finished with a record of 4-3.

Our next SCG event will be #SCGATL, April 28th and 29th, with a BCW Challenge event on April 27th at Win Condition Games. If you want to meet the guys and play a game, come out Friday night starting around 8pm.

Team BCW at SCG Worcester

This past weekend was the Star City Games Worcester Open and things did not go according to plan. Due to Mother Nature in the Northeast, Team BCW members that planned to fly to the event had canceled flights and could not attend. Todd Stevens and Jim Davis were close enough to drive to Worcester, but they had to overcome long drives in rough weather. The BCW Challenge planned for the Friday night at TJ Collectibles had to be cancelled.

On Saturday, Jim and Todd both played in the SCG Legacy main event. In Round 3 we saw Todd’s deck win a quick match due to the power of Chalice of the Void and keeping his opponent from having lands. Unfortunately Todd would finish with a record that would keep him out of Day 2 of the main event. Due to the weather, Jim had an extra night to test a Miracles deck he brought for the Open. Jim had 2 losses at the end of Round 5 and had to win-out to make Day 2. Jim just kept winning the rest of Day 1 and made the cut into Day 2 with a record of 7-2.

On Sunday, Jim started on camera playing his Miracles deck against a Storm deck. He walked away with a 2-0 win and continued his run for another Top 8 finish. In Round 13, Jim took his 3rd loss of the event and was now on the bubble with 2 must-win-matches for a chance to make the Top 8. In Round 15 Jim was back on camera in what can only be described as one of the best matches of Magic The Gathering all weekend long. The match went 3 full games and when the dust settled Jim walked away with the win. Now with a record of 12-3 it would come down to the tie breakers to see if Jim made the Top 8. Jim did make the Top 8 and would once again face Grixis Delver in the Quarterfinals. Jim took that match 2-1 and moved on to the Semifinals where he would fall short 1-2 to Drake Sasser who would go on to win the Open event.

With this exciting weekend of Legacy over we now move on to #SCGDFW in Fort Worth, Texas. Join Team BCW on Friday, March 9th, starting at 8:00 pm at at More Fun Game Center in Denton, TX for another fun #BCWChallenge. Then on Saturday, March 10th and Sunday, March 11th, @JimDavisMTG, @ToddStevensMTG, @BDecandio7, and @THETannonGrace battle some Modern in the first Jace, the Mind Sculptor and Bloodbraid Elf legal SCG Open of the year. Follow us on Twitter at @Team_BCW for more updates and make sure to tune into the SCG coverage of the Open on Twitch if you can’t make it out to the event.

A Huge Weekend for Team BCW in Indy!

Team BCW started the weekend with a BCW Challenge, hosted by Game Time Indy on Friday, Feb. 16th. Team members Todd Stevens, Brennan DeCandio, Ross Merriam, and Jim Davis, took on 44 players in one of the largest Challenge events to date. The first 36 players in the BCW Challenge were given a pack of Elite Deck Guards, with the new mulberry color Elites in high demand.

BCW Challenge at Game Time Indy

On Saturday, Team BCW competed in the Star City Games Indy Open. This was the largest SCG Open in history with 1,060 players competing for a shot at the ultimate prize. It would take a record of 7-2 or better to make Day Two and three Team BCW members got there! Ross and Brennan advanced with a record of 8-1, while Jim advanced with a 7-2 record. Todd just missed Day Two with a record of 6-3. Not to worry Value Town fans, we will see more of Todd on the SCG Standard Classic on Sunday.

Going into Sunday, both Jim and Brennan looked good to make the Final 8. Then the pairing for Round 15 pitted Jim against teammate Brennan. Good news is one of them would make Top 8, but the bad news is one of them would be out of the Open. Brennan playing Grixis Death’s Shadow would take the round winning 2-1 against Jim on B/G Tron. Brennan would navigate his way once again to the Open finals, and in stunning fashion he won the largest Modern Open!

Brennan receiving his SCG Indy Open trophy from Nick Miller

As for Mr. Value Town, Todd made some noise in standard. He went 6-0-2 for the Swiss rounds of the Classic. Todd piloted his take on U/B Control only dropping 2 games. He would go on to win the Standard Classic bringing home the hardware as well.

Team BCW members (left to right) Ross Merriam, Todd Stevens, Brennan DeCandio, Jim Davis, and Team Manager Rick Kivett

How will Jace TMS and Bloodbraid Elf change the Modern format? Make sure to tune into Team BCW members’ Twitch streams over the next few weeks to watch and learn as they test the new Modern format and continue to push the Standard format. Follow each team member on Twitter for updates on when they go live, and follow Team BCW for updates on the BCW Challenge events. If you are in the Worcester area before #SCGWOR, please join us at TJ Collectibles on Friday, March 2nd for our next BCW Challenge.


Team BCW had an Amazing Weekend in Philly

It was another great BCW Challenge during the January 26th Friday Night Magic at Alternate Universes in Blue Bell, PA. About 30 players took a shot at taking down Todd Stevens, Jim Davis, Tannon Grace, and Ross Merriam. While several players took home a t-shirt for winning a game of their chosen format, every participant received BCW Elite Deck Guards just for challenging a Team BCW member.

On Saturday, the SCG Open in Philly was a packed house with almost 1,000 players in the team event. Tannon Grace, Brennan DeCandio, and Caleb Durward were a team for the weekend. They finished Saturday with an impressive 8-1 team record. The team of Jim Davis, Todd Stevens, and Jody Keith were also a team for the Open. They finished Saturday with a respectful record of 7-2 to make it to Day Two. Ross Merriam’s team failed to make the Day Two cut, but that was not the last to hear of Ross on the weekend.

#SCGPHILLY 2nd Place team of Tannon Grace, Caleb Durward, and Brennan DeCandio

On Sunday, we saw Tannon/DeCandio/Durward make it to the Top 8 as the second seed, and the team of Davis/Stevens/Keith finish just short of the top 8 in 13th place. Tannon/DeCandio/Durward would battle all the way to the finals of the event and just fall short of taking home the top prize and the trophy. It was a great day for Team BCW, but it’s not done just yet. Ross would not be outdone by his teammates. He entered the largest Classic event held last weekend (Modern) and would fight his way to the Top 8 of the Classic. Ross finished the Swiss rounds with an impressive record of 8-1 to lock up the second seed of the Top 8. He battled his way to the finals of the SCG Modern Classic where he won!

#SCGPHILLY Modern Classic Champion Ross Merriam

Our next event will be a special BCW Challenge at Game Time Indy starting around 8:30pm on Friday, Feb. 16th. Then Team BCW will compete at #SCGINDY on Feb. 17th and 18th.

Stay tuned as Team BCW will announce another huge “Retweet to Win” giveaway on Thursday, Feb. 1st at @Team_BCW in recognition of their huge weekend in Philly!

Team BCW Recap from Dallas/Fort Worth

Members of Team BCW visited Madness Games in Plano on January, 19th for the team’s second BCW Challenge. Almost forty players challenged Jim Davis, Todd Stevens, and Tannon Grace to a game of Magic. Several challengers claimed a victory, winning BCW Elite Deck Guards and t-shirts.

Tannon, Todd, and Jim at Madness Games Plano

The January 20th and 21st Dallas/Fort Worth SCG Open had a 3-member team format. Team BCW members Brennan DeCandio and Tannon Grace joined with Harlan Firer for the weekend. They made Day Two with a 7-2 record. Team BCW members Jim Davis and Todd Stevens banded with Jody Keith and just missed advancing to Day Two.

On Sunday, Brennan, Tannon, and Harlan finished the team event in 13th place. Jim entered the Standard Classic, playing a deck he had been streaming on Twitch, and finished in 3rd place. Todd took Mono Green Tron into the Modern Classic where he just missed Top 8 and finished in 11th.

Jim and Todd at the SCG Open Dallas/Fort Worth

Join Team BCW on Friday, January 26th, for another BCW Challenge. Play team members during FNM at Alternate Universes’ Blue Bell location. The team will be competing in the SCG Philly Open January 27th and 28th. Follow Team BCW on Twitter for updates throughout the weekend as well as more giveaway opportunities coming soon!

Meet Team BCW

Five of the top Magic: the Gathering players on the Star City Games Tour have come together to represent BCW Supplies! Team BCW includes Jim Davis, Brennan DeCandio, Tannon Grace, and Ross Merriam. In addition to attending the SCG Opens, you can find these players online at the links below. They are often dueling on Twitch, providing coaching services, or offering deck advice on

Can you defeat a pro in a game of Magic? On the Fridays before each SCG Open, you can challenge a Team BCW member to a single game of Magic. If you win, you’ll receive BCW Elite Deck Guards, or other great prizes. Follow Team BCW on Facebook and Twitter to learn about upcoming BCW Challenge events.

If you have any advice about how to improve BCW gaming supplies, please share your ideas with Team BCW. The team will be testing BCW products and providing feedback to BCW Supplies.

Jim Davis
SCG Articles by Jim
Jim has played Magic on every level from the humble beginning grinding at stores, all the way to the Pro Tour. Jim has played in fifteen Pro Tours, has thirteen SCG Open Top 8s, and three SCG Invitational Top 8s. Winning the Players’ Championship in 2015 sparked a full time Magic career. Jim frequently streams Magic on Twitch, he writes articles for, and offers coaching services for other Magic players of all skill levels.
Brennan DeCandio
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Brennan Michael DeCandio plays consistently on the SCG Tour and is one of only three people to win back-to-back Opens. Brennan has played in five Pro Tours and has seven SCG Open Top 8s. Brennan is a Magic online streamer who is known for his standard format tech. He also writes for with articles that are posted most Fridays.
Tannon Grace
Tannon Grace started playing Magic competitively in 2003 with the launch of Mirrodin block. He has been to six Pro Tours and has three SCG Tour Top 8s. In addition to Magic, Tannon casts Hearthstone and is a professional poker player. While Tannnon is new to streaming Magic, he has a great understanding of the game and has a professional commentary background, so watch for him to become a top streamer in 2018.
Ross Merriam
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Ross has been a fixture on the SCG Tour since 2012. He currently has eighteen SCG Open Top 8 finishes and two Invitational Top 8s. He has also played in eleven Pro Tours. Ross is well known for his articles and Daily Digest videos at He rates playing fundamentally sound Magic at the top of skills needed to have sustained success. Ross is also a trivia master and was a Jeopardy contestant in 2016.

Todd Stevens left Team BCW on 10/19/18.