Protecting Your KeyForge Cards

Fantasy Flight introduced KeyForge before the 2018 Gen Con, and officially launched this game in November. Designed by Richard Garfield, of Magic: The Gathering fame, KeyForge has been popular with CCG gamers. It has an interesting format that makes each player’s deck unique, so no two games will ever be the same.

If you want to keep your cards and tokens in new condition, BCW offers card accessories that are great for KeyForge.

Each KeyForge deck contains 37 cards. These cards are about one millimeter taller than standard gaming cards (MTG or Pokémon), so we recommend using our Elite2 Deck Guards. BCW’s Elite2 sleeves are two millimeters taller than our standard Deck Guards, ensuring there’s a safe border around all of your KeyForge cards.

We also recommend you get one pack of Clear Deck Guards, as these sleeves are clear on both layers. A few of the KeyForge cards have important information on both sides, hence the need for the clear sleeves. BCW Clear Deck Guards are made from 4 mil thick acid-free panels, much thicker material than our standard clear sleeves (nicknamed penny sleeves).

While BCW offers several sized of deck cases, the Deck Vault 80 is a great size for KeyForge. The card tray will hold two sleeved decks plus extra sleeves. The Deck Locker has an extra tray that you can use to hold the counters and tokens. If you prefer a larger deck case to hold more cards and tokens, try a Deck Vault 100 or Deck Vault 200.