Refined Gaming Accessories for 2019

BCW is refining our gaming products, and these products will be available soon. Some changes will be updates to existing products, while other items will be new. The first items that will receive these refinements are 12-Pocket Z-Folio LX, 9-Pocket Z-Folio LX, and Deck Case LX. Here are the improvements you’ll see:

  1. All “LX” products will be available in 11 colors. The stitching around the edges will change to contrasting colors.
  2. The large dragon design on the Deck Case LX has been reduced and moved to a lower corner.
  3. Improved packaging will spotlight these products on shelves.

The original products, described as “Classic” products on our website, will be available while quantities last.

Stay tuned for more gaming line improvements this winter!

Save Your LEGO Books for Future Builds

It always seems to start the same. We buy a new kit and build it. It gets played with for a few weeks and then eventually it ends up disassembled and incorporated into the mass that is the big box of LEGOs. This isn’t really a problem if you keep the instruction manuals because you can alway go back and rebuild the kit anew. The problem becomes “How do I keep the little books safe, intact, and together?”

A collection of LEGO books stored for future use.

A collection of LEGO books stored for future use.

I find that 3-ring binder pages work really well for this task. The 1-pocket document page works great for the large kits. The 1-pocket photo pages are good for the medium large kits and the 2,3, and 4 pocket pages do a good job of holding the booklets for the smaller kits. Sometimes I had to stack two booklets to fill a pocket because of the odd shape of some of these instructions.

When assembled, the LEGO binder is a fun item for my kids to flip through while we remember the fun we had assembling these kits.

by Martin Dale

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