BCW Board Game Card Sleeves

Cheetos happen! If you want to protect your board game or CCG cards, protective sleeves are a smart choice. BCW offers card sleeves in the seven sizes listed below to accommodate most game cards.

BCW Mini American Card Sleeves

Mini American Card SleevesFor 41 x 63 mm cards

Thick 4 mil polypropylene

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Star Trek: Attack Wing

Star Wars: Armada

World of Warcraft: The Board Game

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BCW Mini Chimera Card Sleeves

Mini Chimera Card SleevesFor 43 x 65 mm cards

Thick 4 mil polypropylene

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Arkham Horror

Battlestar Galactica

Game of Thrones

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BCW Mini European Card Sleeves

Mini European Card SleevesFor 45 x 68 mm cards

Thick 4 mil polypropylene

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Ticket to Ride

Great Space Race


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56 x 87 mm Board Game Sleeves

Standard USA SizeBoard Game Card Sleeves

For 56 x 87 mm cards(For 2 3/16″ x 3 7/16″ cards)

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Fluxx Card Game



Ticket to Ride

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58x89 Board Game Card Sleeves

Chimera Size Board Game Card Sleeves

For 58 x 89 mm cards

(For 2 5/16″ x 3 1/2″ cards)

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Apples to Apples


Chez Geek


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59 x 92 mm Board Game Sleeves

Standard Euro Size Large Board Game Card Sleeves

For 59 x 92 mm cards

(For 2 3/8″ x 3 5/8″ cards)

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Castle Panic


Machi Koro

Summoner Wars

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BCW Deck Guards

Standard Card SleevesFor 66 x 91 mm cards

(For 2½” x 3½” cards)

Clear, Black, White, Blue, Green, Red, Orange, Purple, Yellow, Pink, Teal, Gray, Brown


Magic the Gathering


Star Wars The Card Game


Double Sleeving Gaming Cards

Gamers sleeve their cards to protect their cards, to identify a particular deck, to make shuffling easier, and to express their individuality. For added protection, some players prefer to double sleeve their cards. The added layers from double sleeving make the cards more rigid, which may be a positive or negative quality, depending on the player’s shuffling method and the the desired level of protection.

For regular sleeves, BCW offers Deck Guards in 10 colors. The colored Deck Guards are double matte sleeves, meaning both the colored layer and the clear layer have a textured finish to reduce glare. BCW also carries Clear Deck Guards (not matte finish). The Clear Deck Guards differ from BCW’s standard “penny sleeves” as the Clear Deck Guards are made from thicker plastic.


Stacks of 60 cards

BCW offers two choices for inner sleeves – Regular Inner Sleeves and Resealable Inner Sleeves. Both styles fit perfectly inside BCW Deck Guards, but the process of double sleeving takes more time and precision. The Resealable Inner Sleeves have a 1-inch flap that folds onto the back of your card and a low-tack adhesive with a tear-away strip allows you to easily seal the card.

A card enclosed in a BCW Resealable Inner Sleeve and then in a Deck Guard is not entirely waterproof, but will save your card if someone spills a drink on the table. When double sleeving your cards, place the cards in the inner sleeves in the inverted direction. Then place these in the Deck Guards (outer sleeves) in the normal upright position. Therefore your cards will not have any exposed edges.


A standard Bridge/Ripple shuffle technique


A Waterfall shuffling technique

As double sleeved cards are thicker and more rigid than single sleeved cards, you may want to adjust your shuffling technique.

The overall thickness of your deck will naturally correlate to your choice to single sleeve or double sleeve your cards. Even the flap from the Resealable Inner Sleeves will slightly alter how your deck stands as seen in the photo above. Make sure you accommodate for the thickness of your sleeves when selecting a Deck Case.

MTG Goldfish’s review of BCW Inner Sleeves

MTG Realm’s review of BCW Inner Sleeves

1948 Bowman Card Insert Sleeves

There are numerous sizes of trading cards classified as “minis”. These are any cards smaller than traditional 2½” x 3½” cards. When protecting and storing mini cards, collectors are challenged since minis do not conform to the traditional sizes of sleeves, holders, pages, and boxes.

BCW card insert sleeves solve this problem by centering the cards in 2½” x 3½” sleeves. A “U” shaped weld in a strong 4 mil polypropylene sleeve holds the card in place and allows the collector to place the smaller card in a standard holder, page, or box of their choice.

BCW recently introduced Tobacco Card Insert Sleeves for those popular mini cards (see New Tobacco Card Insert Sleeves). Now BCW offers ’48 Bowman Card Insert Sleeves. These cards are 2116” wide x 2½” tall. Cards slightly smaller in width also fit fine. Most cards a little taller than ’48 Bowmans still fit inside the sleeves as seen with some of the examples below.

1948 Bowman Card Insert Sleeves

1948 Bowman Card Insert Sleeves

Collectors – what other sizes of of insert sleeves are needed for mini cards beyond the tobacco cards and ’48 Bowmans? Please comment below.

New Tobacco Card Insert Sleeves

1888 Goodwin Champions (Goodwin & Company) tobacco card featuring Jack Glasscock, Indianapolis Hoosiers shortstop

1888 Goodwin Champions tobacco card featuring Jack Glasscock, Indianapolis Hoosiers shortstop, source: Library of Congress

Tobacco company Allen & Ginter started placing cards in their packs of cigarettes in 1875 and these cards often depicted baseball players of the era. In 1890, Allen & Ginter merged with some other tobacco companies, including Goodwin & Company, to form the American Tobacco Company. The American Tobacco Company produced the iconic baseball card set known as T206 which includes the famous Honus Wagner card that sold in a public auction in 2013 for $2.1 million.

Used as advertising materials in cigarette packs, the T206 tobacco cards were 1 7/16″ by 2 5/8″, but the size of modern tobacco cards varies slightly. As tobacco cards are smaller than today’s normal 2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ sports cards, it can be a challenge when deciding how to protect, store and display these prized collectibles.


BCW Supplies offers several solutions for protecting tobacco cards.

BCW Tobacco Card Sleeves
BCW Tobacco Card Topload Holders
Tobacco Card Toploaders & Sleeves Combo Packs
20-Pocket Page for Tobacco Cards (100-ct. Box and 20-ct. Pack)
Pro-Mold 1-Screw Tobacco Card Holders

BCW Tobacco Card Insert Sleeve

2014 Topps Gypsy Queen with St. Louis Cardinals’ Jon Jay, card in a BCW Tobacco Card Insert Sleeve

A new product for card collectors is the BCW Tobacco Card Insert Sleeve (1-IS-TBC). Like normal BCW card sleeves, the card is protected from scratches by archival-safe polypropylene. The Insert Sleeve differs from a standard Tobacco Card Sleeve because the outer dimension of an insert is the size of a tradition 2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ card. To keep the smaller tobacco card centered in the sleeve, an inset “U” is welded into the poly. Unlike the 2 mil thickness of standard Tobacco Card Sleeves, the BCW Tobacco Card Insert Sleeves are 4 mil thick to make the bordering poly more rigid. The benefit of this design is that most collectors store their sports cards in boxes, 9-pocket pages or card holders designed for 2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ cards. By placing tobacco cards in Insert Sleeves, the smaller cards now fit in the more uniform, standard size boxes, pages and holders.

BCW offers many more Pro-Mold and BCW brand card holders for various sizes of mini cards. Please check the dimensions of your cards and compare the specs with our website to ensure you get the correct card sleeves and holders for your cards.

Vinyl: Full Circle

As the Digital Age gains an ever increasing momentum, a segment of audiophiles have chosen to embrace the Analog Era in numbers that find old and young alike, enjoying what was once to be cast aside and left as a footnote for music history.

Digital, at that time, was the superior way to go, offering clean, precise sound that fans had hoped for with the premium virgin vinyl issues and half-speed masters released by Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs. The delicate nature of the vinyl medium had its limitations with static, scratches and impure raw vinyl, used to further degrade the sound. To satisfy the demand for clarity and storage concerns, the compact disc filled that need rather well. Compact discs were the cure for the ailments of the Vinyl Era, but they came with a stiffness and sterility of sound. Analog, by comparison, had a warmth and genuine feel that helped to make the music a true experience. And as time continues, collectors still seem to enjoy that charm of the procedure…disc to platter, needle to groove.

A recent visit to a high profile pop culture retailer in the Indianapolis shopping district, found an interesting blend of new vinyl issues of past best-selling titles carried alongside the retro players that help transfer those vinyl issues to CD duplication for convenience. The 60’s and 70’s have come full circle and showcase the fact that there are a fantastic amount of well written songs and melodies from those decades, just waiting to be heard again by a new generation.

Baby boomers have plenty of favorites to choose from during that era and are still wanting to embrace the memories of their youth. New audiophiles are just discovering the authenticity of vinyl recordings, not to mention the spectacular array of album covers and additional art inside the gatefold sleeves.

As the re-introduction to albums continues to grow, the need for storage and preservation has timely merits. BCW has added product lines to aid every discerning collector. They offer jackets, sleeves, toploads and storage boxes for media, 45’s and LP’s, with their cause for business, to… “Protect, Store and Display”.

Jimi Hendrix Stamps

Music Icons US Postal Stamps featuring Jimi Hendrix

Even the US Postal Service recognizes the efforts of past musicians in 2013’s Music Icons series of commemorative stamp issues. The likenesses of Johnny Cash, Ray Charles, Lydia Mendoza and most recently new series member Jimi Hendrix, are part of this series. The fifth issuance in this series will be Janis Joplin, scheduled for later this year.

It’s great to see a special day, Record Store Day, reserved for the hobby that has molded pop culture to what it is today and will continue to be as the future unfolds.

An overview by Stephen and Joy Butler