Protecting Role Playing Games

Role playing games are super popular now, but games such as Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) have been around since the ’70s. Games similar to D&D such as Pathfinder and Starfinder have huge communities as well. These games involve players acting as characters in some imagination-fueled realm, created or described by the game master (GM). In D&D, the game master is known as the Dungeon Master (DM).

These games also use books, maps, figures, and other items to build the fantasy setting and control the game. If you want to organize these collectibles and keep them in new condition, BCW offers several products to help.


Player Folios are perfect for organizing character sheets, cards, and related pages. These folios include eight 1-pocket pages for holding character sheets, plus four 9-pocket pages for holding cards.

If you prefer to organize your adventures in a 3-ring binder with more pages, BCW offers numerous binders and pages with various pocket configurations.


Magazine Stor-Folios hold your core gaming books or expansion books, character sheets, documents, and even folded maps.


Magazine Boxes will hold a larger collection of books and magazines.


Books and magazines can also be protected in BCW Magazine and Book Bags.