Retweet to Win BCW Comic Book Bin Sweepstakes 2

Twitter users – follow @bcwsupplies and retweet (RT) the respective Friday, September 28th tweet for a chance to win a BCW Comic Book Bin, extra Bin Partitions, Premade Bags and Boards, and the comic books listed below. Follow and retweet by Sunday, September 30th, 2018.

One prize will be awarded, and will include:

  1. (1) BCW Comic Book Bin
  2. (1 pack) BCW Comic Book Bin Partitions
  3. (1 pack) BCW Premade Bags & Boards, Current Resealable
  4. The Flash 50, DC, Williamson/Porter/HiFi, Variant Cover
  5. The Flash 51, DC, Williamson/Kolins/Guerrero, Variant Cover
  6. The Flash 53, DC, Williamson/Duce/Guerrero, Variant Cover
  7. The Flash 54, DC, Williamson/Duce/Guerrero, Variant Cover
  8. The Flash 55, DC, Williamson/Kolins/Guerrero, Variant Cover
  9. Doctor Who, Titan Comics, The Thirteenth Doctor, #0
  10. Doctor Who, Titan Comics, The Twelfth Doctor, #3
  11. Doctor Who, Titan Comics, The Eleventh Doctor, #2
  12. The Punisher 1, Marvel, Rosenberg/Kudranski/Fabela
  13. The Punisher 2, Marvel, Rosenberg/Kudranski/Fabela
  14. Darth Vader Annual 2, Marvel, Wendig/Kirk/Wong/Hanna/Woodard
  15. Darth Vader 15, Marvel, Soule/Camuncoli/Orlandini/Curiel
  16. Darth Vader 16, Marvel, Soule/Camuncoli/Orlandini/Tartaglia/GURU-eFX
  17. Darth Vader 19, Marvel, Soule/Camuncoli/Orlandini/Curiel
  18. The Walking Dead 181, Image/Skybound, Kirkman/Adlard/Gaudiano/Rathburn
  19. The Walking Dead 182, Image/Skybound, Kirkman/Adlard/Gaudiano/Rathburn
  20. The Walking Dead 183, Image/Skybound, Kirkman/Adlard/Gaudiano/Rathburn

No purchase is necessary to enter. On the morning on Monday, October 1st, 2018, one winner will be randomly selected from all eligible participants that followed @bcwsupplies on Twitter, and retweeted the respective Friday, September 28th tweet. The potential winner will be notified via direct message (DM) on Twitter. The potential winner must respond to the DM and provide their name and mailing address to claim the prize. If the potential winner does not respond to the DM within 72 hours, BCW will contact another potential winner, and so forth, until the prize has been awarded. BCW Supplies will pay for the shipping of the prize to the winner. BCW Supplies is the manager of this sweepstakes and is solely responsible for the management of the sweepstakes. BCW Supplies reserves the right to update these rules if any unforeseen issue arises.

The Comic Book Bin Keeps Your Comics Upright

To store comic books and keep them safe, most collectors place each comic in an archival-safe bag along with a firm backing board to support the comic and protect the edges. The collection is then placed in a “short box”, holding about 150 bagged and boarded comics.

Storing comics has always had a challenge keeping the comics upright when the box is not full. If the is box is completely full, there’s no problem as the comics naturally keep themselves upright with the ends of the box supporting them. However, if the box is only partially full, the comics can topple over like a row of books without a bookend. Collectors can easily solve this problem by placing some comics sideways in the box or using another object as a bookend inside the box. Nonetheless, this issue has always been annoying to collectors.

The BCW Comic Book Bin solves this problem by keeping a partial collection upright at all times. The Bin is made from molded polypropylene panels that are snapped together (see the the second video below). This manufacturing process allows the Bin to have several features not possible with the traditional cardboard short comic box. The Bin uses special Comic Bin Partitions that fit into evenly spaced notches. The Comic Book Bin comes with one Partition. This Partition is movable, so you can use it as a bookend to keep a small collection of comics upright. As your collection grows, you can shift the Partition to the next slot, and so on, until your Comic Book Bin is full. If you want to fill all of the available slots with a Partition, packs of 3 extra Partitions can be purchased separately.

While you may find the Comic Book Bin assembled at your local comic shop, they are normally unassembled, coming in five panels and one partition. The panels snap together to make a sturdy bin. Please review the video below to see the simplest sequence to assemble the Bin.

The Comic Book Bin was designed to hold Current and Silver Age comic books in bags and boards. This includes Current and Silver BCW Archivals (Mylar bags) that are wider than normal polypropylene comic bags. The Bin is also large enough to hold Current or Silver Comic Book Toploaders. BCW Comic Book Dividers also fit under the lid.

Golden Age comics and graded comic books are too large for the Comic Book Bin. While BCW is considering making a Graded Comic Bin, our cardboard Graded Comic Boxes are our best solution for CGC/CBCS slabs at this time. We are also considering a Long Comic Book Bin, but at this time our cardboard Long Comic Boxes or corrugated plastic Long Comic Book Boxes are our best options. For magazines or Golden Age comics, our cardboard Magazine Box is BCW’s best storage solution. If you want to lobby for other products, or suggest product improvements, please comment below. We’re listening!