Protecting Photo Slides in Binder Pages

Slides were a popular form or photography in the 20th century. Kodak introduced their first 2×2 inch slides in 1937, and slides grew in popularity as the company designed better slide projectors and it became easier to get slides developed (A Brief History of Slide Projectors, McKeever, 2004). Today’s digital photography has made photo slides a novelty, but families and collectors still will want to protect their slides for future viewing. Storing slides in a dark, cool, dry environment is important (Storage and Care of KODAK Photographic Materials).

Slides are often stored in specifically designed slide boxes, or in 3-ring binder pages. BCW Supplies manufactures clear 20-pocket binder pages, and a 12-slot black paper page. These pages (listed below) are a great option if you want to quickly view your slides, as you can lay the page on a light table or in front of a bright surface to view the slides. If you plan to insert your slides into a projector frequently, then a slide box may be a better option.

2×2 slides in 20-Pocket Pro-Pages

20-Pocket Pro-Pages, acid free polypropylene,
20 pages, 1-PRO20T-20 | 100 page box, 1-PRO20T-100

Slotted Paper Page, holds 12 slides per page
10 pages, 1-SPP-2X2-BLK

20-Pocket Vinyl Pages with Thumb Cut
20 pages, 1-BCW20C

20-Pocket Vinyl Pages
20 pages, 1-BCW20T

3 thoughts on “Protecting Photo Slides in Binder Pages

  1. The 20 pocket looks great. Just the thing to entice me to look at the slides more frequently. We have been remiss in keeping in touch with our past fun times.

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