Four Methods for Displaying Comics on a Wall

BCW offers several options for displaying your favorite comics on the wall. Which of the four methods below is best for your needs?

BCW Comic Book Toploaders
Current Size: 1-TLCH-COMIC | Silver Size: 1-TLCH-SIL | Golden Size: 1-TLCH-GOL
BCW Toploaders are designed for storing comics on a shelf or in a box, hence they do not have a hanging mechanism. However, with some simple MacGyvering, Comic Book Toploaders make an economical method for displaying comics on the wall. The simplest method is adhering a BCW Hang Tab on the back of the toploader and hanging over a flat tack or nail. Adhesive backed flat magnets or Velcro work great in many instances. You can also look in the hardware aisle at your local home center or craft store to find hanging systems from 3M and others.


BCW Snap-It
The BCW Snap-It is a modular system designed to create an attractive display for your comic books.

BCW Comic Book Showcase
Current Size: 1-CBS-CUR | 1-CBS-CUR-UV | Silver Size: 1-CBS-SIL | 1-CBS-SIL-UV
The BCW Comic Book Showcase has a crystal clear cover that snaps over a black, wall mountable back. They’re available in standard and UV Protection varieties.

BCW Comic Book Frame
Current Size: 1-CBF-CUR | Silver Size: 1-CBF-SIL | Golden Size: 1-CBF-GOL
The BCW Comic Book Frame is an attractive black frame with a glass front. Your comic is neatly displayed in a mat border you can easily access from the rear.

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