2020 Gen Con Online – BCW Sweepstakes

The 2020 Gen Con shifted to an online format, running July 30th through August 2nd. Visit Gen Con Online to learn about the exciting gaming events, interviews, streams, and more.

BCW is hosting three giveaways through Gen Con Online. Enter below, once for each prize that interests you, for your chance to win. One winner will be randomly selected for each prize on Monday, August 3rd. Prizes and details are below.

Magic the Gathering Cards and Accessories for 5 Players

  1. (1) MTG Jumpstart Booster Box (480 cards), sealed
  2. (5) MTG Commander Preconstructed Decks
  3. (5) BCW Deck Vaults, red with silver Gen Con stamp
  4. (5 packs) BCW Inner Sleeves
  5. (5 packs) BCW Elite2 Deck Guards
  6. (5) BCW Playmats
  7. (5) BCW Playmat Tubes, include dice cap and two 6-sided dice

Dungeons & Dragons Books, Cards, and Accessories

  1. (1) D&D Dungeon Master’s Guide, 5th Edition
  2. (1) D&D Monster Manual, 5th Edition
  3. (1) D&D Player’s Handbook, 5th Edition
  4. (1) BCW Magazine Stor-Folio, Good vs. Evil design
  5. (5) BCW Prime X4 Gaming Boxes
  6. (15 packs) BCW Deck Guards, clear
  7. (2 packs) BCW 89mm x 127mm Board Game Card Sleeves
  8. (5 sets) Polyhedral Dice
  9. (1 box) D&D Monster Cards (Challenge 0-5)
  10. (1 box) Martial Spellbook Cards
  11. (1 box) Arcane Spellbook Cards
  12. (1 box) Cleric Spellbook Cards
  13. (1 box) Bard Spellbook Cards

Starfinder Books, Cards, and BCW Accessories

  1. (1) Starfinder Core Rulebook
  2. (6) Starfinder Dead Suns Adventure Path
  3. (1 pack) Starfinder Rules, Reference Cards
  4. (1 pack) Starfinder Condition Cards
  5. (4 packs) BCW Deck Guards, clear
  6. (4) BCW Player Folios, Sci-Fi design
  7. (1) BCW Prime X4 Gaming Box

Enter by 9:00 am EST on Monday, August 3rd, 2020 (one entry per person per prize). No purchase is necessary. One winner will be randomly selected for each of the three sweepstakes. BCW will communicate with each potential winner using the information provided on the entry forms. If a potential winner does not respond to a communication within 72 hours, BCW has the right to disqualify that participant and contact a new potential winner. The winner will be notified and announced on BCW’s Facebook and Twitter pages. BCW is the host of these three sweepstakes and it solely responsible for their management. The collected cell numbers will only be used to communicate with the winners, not used for solicitations. BCW will pay for the shipping of the prize to a destination within the 48 contiguous United States. A winner outside of the 48 contiguous United States can claim the prize, but will be responsible for the shipping expense. BCW reserves the right to update these rules if any unforeseen issues arise.

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