Team BCW’s Louisville Weekend Recap

Team BCW with special guests Caleb Scherer and Paul Muller at Through the Decades

Team BCW members visited Louisville May 18th through 20th for another BCW Challenge and the Star City Games Louisville Open. Friday night’s BCW Challenge was held at Through The Decades Gaming. The team had 53 challengers… a new record for a BCW Challenge. Players competed with Team BCW members Todd Stevens, Ross Merriam, and Tannon Grace, along with special guests Caleb Scherer and Paul Muller. 16 of the 53 challengers defeated one of the pro players. Thanks to Through The Decades and the local TTD players for making this a super BCW Challenge!

Team BCW had a great start to the SCG Louisville Open on Saturday. Todd, Ross, and Tannon were all able to finish with a record that pushed them into Day Two. Todd played G/W Value Town and finished the day with a record of 8-1. Ross, playing Blue Moon, and Tannon, playing Humans, both finished Saturday with a 7-2 record.

On Sunday, the team fought hard, but in the end they fell short of making the Top 8. Todd finished in 10th place, just missing the Top 8. Ross finished in 16th place and Tannon finished in 25thplace. Overall it was a great showing for Team BCW with all three team members making Day Two and all three finished in the Top 32.

Todd, Ross, and Tannon at SCG Louisville

Please join us for the next BCW Challenge at Lodestone Coffee and Games in Minnetonka, MN, on Friday, May 25th at 8pm. You’ll be able to challenge either Jim Davis or Todd Stevens to a game of Standard, Modern, or Legacy. Then over the weekend, Team BCW will fight for wins at #SCGMINN . Make sure to check out the SCG Open on Twitch if you can’t attend the event in Minneapolis.

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