Team BCW Recap from Win Condition Games and SCG Atlanta

BCW Challenge at Win Condition Games

Thank you to Win Condition Games in Kennesaw, GA for hosting the BCW Challenge on Friday, April 27th. Challengers came out and took on Todd Stevens, Ross Merriam, and THE Tannon Grace. The turn-out was great and we appreciate everyone that participated!

Brennan, Ross, and Tannon at SCGATL

On Saturday, the Star City Games Open in Atlanta was another team event with two teams that included Team BCW members. The first team was Brennan DeCandio playing Standard, Ross on Modern, and Tannon on Legacy. The second team was Team BCW member Todd playing Standard, along with friends Daryl Ares on Modern, and Jody Keith on Legacy. Brennan, Ross, and Tannon failed to reach Day Two, but Todd, Daryl, and Jody made Day Two with a record of 7-2.

Jody, Daryl, and Todd at SCGATL

On Sunday, Todd and friends fought to finish in 10th place, just missing the Top Eight due to tie breakers. Tannon had a rough go with the Legacy Classic, but Brennan had a strong showing in the Standard Classic with his U/W Control list. Brennan finished the Swiss rounds in the number one seed but due to his flight home he had to drop from the tournament to make it to the airport on time for his flight home.

Make sure to join us four our next BCW Challenge on Friday, May 4th, at MTG First in Glen Burnie, MD. Team BCW will then participate at SCG Baltimore. If you and your friends cannot attend #SCGBALT for the team event, make sure to tune into the SCG coverage on Twitch.

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