Team BCW at SCG Milwaukee

Team BCW members Jim Davis and Todd Stevens went to Milwaukee for the Star City Games Tour Milwaukee Open on the April 7th and 8th weekend. But first, they visited Pink Bunny Games in South Milwaukee to host a BCW Challenge. Players from several states were at this BCW Challenge, trying to defeat Jim or Todd in a single game of Magic. The Pink Bunny Games owner also jumped in, playing on the Team BCW side, allowing players to challenge him to a game of Commander or Modern.

Saturday was the largest Star City Open to date with 1,062 players in the main event. Todd and Jim were ready to battle. Jim was running his take on Jeskai and Todd brought the Value Town list from his stream. Todd finished the day at 7-2 and Jim missed Day Two at 6-3.

On Sunday, Todd started off flawless with rounds 10, 11, and 12 wins. Unfortunately Todd was unable to win rounds 13 and 14 falling to 10-4 going into the last round. Todd was paired up against a rough match with Storm. Todd won the round in 3 games and secure 20th place out of 1,062 players. View Todd’s #SCGMKE pairings. As for Jim, he took his shot in Legacy Classic, running his U/W Miracles list. After 7 rounds Jim finished with a record of 4-3.

Our next SCG event will be #SCGATL, April 28th and 29th, with a BCW Challenge event on April 27th at Win Condition Games. If you want to meet the guys and play a game, come out Friday night starting around 8pm.

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