Protecting a LaserDisc Collection

LaserDiscs were introduced to consumers in 1978. Although these disks are capable of higher-quality audio and video as compared to video tapes, they lost the popularity contest to the VHS tape format during the ’80s. However, some videophiles with collections from that era prize their LaserDisc collection.

LaserDiscs are the same size as 33 rpm records. As the data on LaserDiscs is not as compressed as the later DVD or Blue-ray formats, the LaserDiscs were often multiple 12” disks. This means LaserDiscs sometimes had gatefold jackets, similar to double LP records. This allows LaserDiscs jackets to have ample room for beautiful artwork from the movie.

As LaserDiscs are the same size as 33 rpm records, it’s easy to get supplies when you’re ready to protect and store your collection. See all of BCW’s Record Supplies to find outer jacket sleeves and inner sleeves to protect your LaserDiscs.

Don’t get LaserDiscs confused with VideoDiscs. LaserDiscs look like large DVDs. VideoDiscs are enclosed in a thin cartridge. VideoDiscs are larger than LaserDiscs and will not fit in 33 rpm record supplies.

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