BCW Album Options

BCW offers many different albums designed for collectors. Rick discusses the options…

2″ Binders:

Plain 2″ Binder

Clearview 2″ Binder

Break Back 2″ Binder

3″ Binders:

Plain 3″ Binder

Baseball 3″ Binder – Black

Baseball 3″ Binder – Blue

Baseball 3″ Binder -Burgundy

Baseball 3″ Binder – Baseball Collector’s Album

Football 3″ Binder

Basketball 3″ Binder

Hockey 3″ Binder

Sports 3″ Binder

Comic Book 3″ Binder

Coin Collecting 3″ Binder

LX Binders:

Z-Binder LX

1″ LX Binder


9-Pocket Pro-Folios

4-Pocket Pro-Folios

9-Pocket Pro-Folio LX

8-Pocket Pro-Folio LX


12-Pocket Z-Folio LX

11×17 Z-Folio LX


Comic Book Stor-Folio

Comic Book Stor-Folio – BCW Print

Magazine Stor-Folio

MTG Battle for Zendikar Prerelease Packages from PHD

Gaming shops can sanction their MTG Battle For Zendikar prerelease on the Wizards Event Reporter by August 16th, 2015. When shops select PHD as their distributor, they can receive BCW Prize Packs and more! Below are three awesome reasons why PHD is the best distributor choice for your Battle For Zendikar Prerelease:

First, shops can receive one of three BCW Prize Packages listed below. The package size a shop receives is based on the shop’s historical player numbers from WOTC.

18 – 36 Players

  • 2 x Tandem White* Deck Cases
  • 4 x Matte Yellow* Deck Guards
  • 2 x Packs of Inner Sleeves
  • 1 x Clear Deck Keeper
  • 2 x Black* Playmat2
  • 1 x 8-pocket Pro-Folio
  • 1 x Deck Locker

54-126 Players

  • 2 x Red* Tandem Deck Cases
  • 2 x Blue* Tandem Deck Cases
  • 5 x Matte Orange* Deck Guards
  • 5 x Packs of Inner Sleeves
  • 2 x Clear Deck Keepers
  • 1 x Black 8-Pocket Pro-Folio
  • 2 x Blue* Playmats
  • 2 x 12-Pocket Z-Folios
  • 2 x Deck Locker

144+ Players

  • 5 x Tandem Green* Deck Cases
  • 10 x Matte Yellow* Deck Guards
  • 10 x Packs of Inner Sleeves
  • 5 x Clear Deck Keepers
  • 5 x Red* Playmats
  • 6 x 12-Pocket Z-Folios
  • 5 x Deck Lockers
  • 5 x Black 8-Pocket Pro-Folios

PHD-PreRelease-Fall2015-LRG* colors may vary

If gaming shops want to craft their own prize pack instead of the prebuilt BCW Prize Packages, they can receive a $.75 per player credit with PHD. Total credit is based on the store’s player historical allocations provided by Wizards of the Coast and does not include growth allocations.

Second, when shops select PHD as their prerelease distributor, they qualify for a GUARANTEED minimum 30 Booster Boxes of Battle for Zendikar at release!

Third, shops that select PHD as their prerelease distributor have access to a special sales list.

Shops can contact their PHD Account Manager for details.

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BCW Box Folding Demos

BCW offers a wide variety of boxes to store your comic books, gaming cards, sports cards, card holders, records, and other media such as video games and dvds. If you have never folded one of these boxes on your own, the first time you fold them can be somewhat confusing. Since there may be some question about the proper way to fold these boxes, we have created videos for each one of our boxes, which includes information about what the boxes store and how to fold them. If you are having trouble folding these boxes or aren’t sure which box you need, check out these videos:

Trading Card Boxes

100 Count Storage Box (1-BX-100)

200 Count Storage Box (1-BX-200)

300 Count Storage Box (1-BX-300)

330 Count Storage Box (1-BX-330)

400 Count Storage Box (1-BX-400)

500 Count Storage Box (1-BX-500)

550 Count Storage Box (1-BX-550)

660 Count Storage Box (1-BX-660)

800 Count Storage Box (1-BX-800)

800 Count Storage Box – 2 Piece (1-BX-802)

930 Count Storage Box (1-BX-930)

Graded Trading Card Box (1-BX-GTCB)

Vault Storage Box (1-BX-VAULT)

Super Vault Storage Box (1-BX-SVAULT)

Shoe Storage Box (1-BX-SHOE)

Graded Shoe Storage Box (1-BX-GSB)

Super Shoe Storage Box (1-BX-SSHOE)

Sorting Tray Storage Box (1-BX-SORT)

3200 Count Storage Box (1-BX-3200)

Monster Storage Box (1-BX-MON)

5000 Count Storage Box (1-BX-5000)

Super Monster Storage Box (1-BX-SMON)

Trading Card Houses

Card House Storage Box (1-BX-HOUSE)

Shoe Box House (1-BX-SHOE-HOUSE)

Comic Book Boxes

Comic Book Shipper (1-BX-FLAT-11X7X1)

Short Comic Storage Box (1-BX-SHORT)

Long Comic Storage Box (1-BX-LONG)

Graded Comic Storage Box (1-BX-GCB)

Comic Book Houses

Short Comic House (1-BX-SHORT-HOUSE)

Long Comic House (1-BX-LONG-HOUSE)

Record Boxes

33 RPM Vinyl Storage Box (1-BX-33RPM-BOX)

45 RPM Vinyl Storage Box (1-BX-45RPM-BOX)

Other Storage Boxes

Media Storage Box (1-BX-MEDIA)

Magazine Storage Box (1-BX-MAGBOX)

Post Card Storage Box (1-BX-PCBOX)